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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

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  2. Adele’s main purpose is to dismantle the patriarchy.
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  3. With ballads and the twinks will deal.
  4. The answers to those two questions about the album... Good news for the people who wanted more of the same I guess.
  5. Her "most personal album yet"... how do artists not cringe saying this at this point.
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  6. What was the point of making an Easter egg out of the number of questions/the album title when it's been announced already like....okay.
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  7. Stream YEBBA.
  8. Tea. If only Adele had something as gorgeous as October Sky up her sleeve.
  9. I am... Sasha Fierce?! Well. OK. The taste jumped in, I guess.
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  10. I stan B'Day but the self-titled not being in her top three is a mess.
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  11. Keep your heart safe and your music dangerous?! Gurl where is this dangerous music you speak of?
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  12. Yeah Beyoncé has four albums which are acceptable to name as her best (and all four are correct in their own way). Sasha Fierce is not one of them.
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  13. Dangerous Woman (Adele's Version) coming soon.

    (It WOULD be legitimately amazing.)
  14. I'm really sorry to Self Titled and 4 for being disrespected like that.
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  15. Sasha Fierce being first would be odd enough, but above'am.
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  16. That interview. Perched for 37 out in 2028.
  17. That interview was remarkably cringey.
  18. The I Am… half is in the same wheelhouse as the majority of Adele’s music, so this… makes sense, I guess?

    Britney Jean <3
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