Adele - 30

I'd like her to abandon the age-as-a-title thing, which I think she's said before she will, and take a new direction with her music - expand on the more experimental songs from 25. I'd like to see some electronic flourishes and maybe a little bit of a trip-hop vibe in the production? But I fully expect it'll be an album of ballads.
I mean I understand we won't get a bopx12 album BUT there are so many ways to make a ballad interesting. Ok you can sing with just a piano and/or guitar as backing track but PLEASE change it up a bit. The first album that comes to mind is Bare by Annie Lennox. One can dream
Can't wait. I really hope she accepts the gig as Nancy on the new film version of Oliver! too, she's perfect for the role and I believe they're reworking the score so there might even be a second (new) song for her in it!
You can just tell that the world will explode once this drops. I’m building my shelter for when the first single drops and is overplayed by radio. Please call the album Apocalypse.

The way they built up anticipation by announcing this and dropping little hints for the coming year like they did for 25 last time.

She has a class team behind her really. Everything is executed to perfection.