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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Adele is the biggest popstar in the world when she drops her albums. She sells millions of records. Her concerts sell out in seconds. Her whole discography is in the charts. Her latest single is #1 on Spotify. People love her and no, with her numbers it's not only "soccer moms" or whatever. Facts are facts.
  2. Yeah it's tiresome when we do this thing of reducing a woman's impact just because her artistry isn't where we'd like it to be. Her music can be safe to the point of boring and she can have impacted pop culture in a dominant way.
  3. kal


    Who here is reducing her impact, though? If anything, I'm bemused at the amount of impact she has with this type of material, and it's exasperating that she's not willing to push herself even an inch out of her comfort zone, knowing that she's going to sell hundreds of millions regardless of what music she drops.

    Just because it's making a huge sales impact doesn't make it any less creatively bankrupt.
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  4. Avatar is one of the most successful movies of all time, but I doubt many people could recall the story line or tell you much about it, other than the blue aliens.
  5. I mean literally five or six posts up from this one, somebody said 25 lacked cultural significance which I was refuting.
  6. kal


    Fair enough. I still maintain that the quality of her recent output does not warrant the amount of impact it's having.
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  7. Is Ed Sheeran culturally significant as well?
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  8. Yes. Shape of You is one of the... three biggest songs of the Spotify age? His albums (until now) have been event releases. That's cultural significance.
  9. I guess it depends on how one defines cultural impact. Cultural products can sell and be consumed by millions upon millions and have little to no real impact. I mean, it's... beige ballads.
  10. Yeah it’s weird how everybody has forgotten about Adele, and how 25 album tracks definitely didn’t flood Spotify charts when there was the merest hint that she was making a comeback.
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  11. It’s fine to not like what an artist is releasing, but trying to diminish the impact they have because of that (such as saying Adele and Ed aren’t that culturally significant) is letting your bias get the best if you and is, quite frankly, delusional.
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  12. I mean Avatar is a relevant example; it pushed 3D hugely in film for a few years (for better or worse), used a lot of special effects tech we now take for granted. It had…lasting impact upon its industry even outside of its position has the highest grossing film of all time.

    the argument isn’t ‘sales equal impact’ but ‘what does a piece of art contribute to push its respective industry and fellow creatives forward’.
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  13. Yes people also elected T*ump so just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s good, people are like lemmings and this music clearly caters to the lowest demographic.

    If only she went back to storytelling her best song has nothing to do with romantic love so she is capable but it’s all her choice I guess but your musical legacy can’t be just built on sales. I could be jumping the gun and 30 will be full of bold artist choices and statements but I doubt it.

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  14. The acrobatics people are doing to try and dismiss Adele’s stranglehold on music is hilarious (I mean Avatar…really??). I get that people don’t like her music on here (I’m counting myself as one of those people at the moment), but the gaslighting to try and dismiss an artist’s relevance because you don’t like their music is insane.
  15. Of course we all know what the true cultural significance of Avatar is:

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  16. kal


    I think you're reading the room wrong. Most people here (myself included) are just frustrated with her lack of creative ambition.
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  17. This weird retconning of Adele's pop culture legacy... give it up Deelishis. Hello didn't reinvent the ballad, but it's one of the most iconic singles of the last decade. 25 was a subpar collection, but it was also the only CD people (that doesn't count ABBA and Kylie cigs) bought in years. That's all regardless of quality.
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  18. Christ, can this album come out already. The discourse is even duller than the music!
  19. I literally said ‘25 had huge sales and an impactful lead single but the album and post singles didn’t match up to that but by all means read things in the worst faith
  20. I just feel like the music this time around - at least so far - doesn't warrant this level of Discourse either way. It's all very much...songs that are recorded, and that's all I can really muster up about it
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