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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. 'Love Is A Game' is absolutely magnificent. I need her to work with Inflo again for the next record.
  2. Woman Like Me grew on me big time. It's that simmering, quietly-fed-the-fuck-up deep cut everyone overlooks but makes you want to light up a cigarette, pour a strong drink, and eviscerate a man.
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  3. I Drink Wine sounds better on the album but hopefully not the second single.
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  4. Glad to hear Oh My God is the single. It’s definitely a standout.
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  5. All Night Porking deserved better than an interlude.
  6. kal


    It was pretty instant for me. That moody, low key yet powerful energy it serves just makes me wanna scream FUCK MEN.
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  7. How do we feel about Simon getting dragged on Woman Like Me? The evisceration of her ex on 21 was different because we don’t know the guy in question, so he was spared by his anonymity, but this time we know who she’s criticising on 30. Taylor routinely dragged her exs in her songs, but they were all famous, powerful men and used to media interest. It feels a little off to me that Simon doesn’t really get to defend himself outside of some press interview that’s unlikely to ever happen. I realise she doesn’t totally slate him or anything like that, and that she speaks well of him at every opportunity, but she really does take him to task on that song especially.

    Obviously she’s an artist and can say whatever she wants to say, but part of me would love to hear his side of the story.
  8. I’m not even entirely sure that Simon is the subject of Woman Like Me and not some flame that she got involved with in between him and Rich…
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  9. Good point. It might not be him!
  10. I don't think Woman Like Me is about Simon. She says the songs are in chronological order of "the journey" meaning All Night Parking and Woman Like Me are presumably about whoever she was with after her marriage ended. I think the song showcases her regaining her confidence as a woman and artist and she really cuts deep and just sounds so cool and self-assured. I love that one.
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  11. At the end of the day, a song is not a diary entry or a witness statement, even if the artist points towards a specific influence/person/event as inspiration. It's not so easy to try and map every line or tone of a song to a 'real' moment or feeling that 'really' happened, no matter how obvious it seems.

    I think you always have to let room for the characters in songs to be just that - characters. Including the singer themselves, actually. That's why I find the 'which ex is this about?' conversation that so many songwriters face, to be a little disrespectful to their art, if understandable.
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  12. I Drink Wine is a breeze. Not at all the ballady slog I was dreading. That lush, soulful sound fits her like a glove and the backing vocals on this one are exquisite. The voice notes here are unnecessary though.

    The middle section from Oh My God to All Night Parking is incredible honestly.
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  13. Having five six minute plus tracks out of twelve was a choice.
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  14. When I listen to this album and think about the promo campaign, I wonder if going forward it's time for her to start reassessing the "ADELE" image a bit. This promo campaign has frankly been bloated.
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  15. SMG


    After a couple of listens, this is miles ahead of 25 and a much better piece of work than some of you suggested.
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  16. Adele, repeatedly, through Oh My God


    I enjoyed this more than I expected! I think it shines where it feels like she's having a bit of fun or trying new stuff vocally. This might sound weird but I also feel like this is the first album where she totally sounds like her own age lyrically and thematically? Like I listen to 25 and I just think it sounds like a record from a much older person.
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  17. Yeah, I physically can't stand this album and I can't even explain why. It's giving me some kind of uncanny valley feeling, for some reason. Like the trypophobia feeling I get at some pictures.

    I've had to skip three or four songs because they made me feel kind of physically sick and I couldn't stomach getting to the end.

    I truly can't explain why I'm having this bizarre reaction, but I'm physically disgusted by this album.
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  18. I’m cackling.
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  19. This is entirely too much I’m screaming.
  20. It's about a guy she dated after her divorce, she said it in the Rolling Stone interview.
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