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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Please keep I Drink Wine (Adele's Version) secured in the vault.
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  2. Those ending ballads... I have never felt worse torture. Love Is A Game is actually a good song, but as mentioned several times in this thread these lengths are not helping the songs.

    With that said, I have to agree this album feels a lot more natural and sincere than 25, even if that album worked better as a whole. It did have an end-of-contract album vibe to it. This one has... interesting production choices, kinda quirky at times, out of tune or key, I don't know. It's not just the jazzy/old Hollywood vibes, there's something crooked beneath it still. The voice notes give me Silent Hill, it's almost like you shouldn't be hearing those recordings. Cry Your Heart Out is my absolute favorite thing here, even if the lyrics are what they are. I wish Can I Get It were less Nirvana/Red Hot Chilli Peppers and more Amy Winehouse. I Drink Wine... the aunties will enjoy this one!

    I'm not too big on Oh My God, even though the chorus sounds good. The pre-chorus doesn't fit with the rest of the song and it's another moment where something about her intonation creeps me out a bit. The harmonies in the verses being composed by voice samples is a cool touch. All Night Parking, Strangers By Nature and Woman Like Me are gorgeous, even if two of them have the wrong length. And I still really like Easy On Me, even if it feels lost here.

    I'm probably not coming back to it but it's definitely the first time Adele impresses me, for good or bad. This album has a #vibe, a #mood, and I respect her for that.
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  3. Dddd the amount of people going ilikeit.gif, I'm not gonna listen to it again.
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  4. She sounds incredible, but there's just not much here that makes me want to return. I agree with whoever said the track sequence does it no favors, as the first half seems all over the place and then the 2nd half feels all the same.

    I enjoy the sort of standards classic production on Strangers by Nature that twinkles and echos almost like a 1950s cozy-by-the-fireplace Christmas song. I honestly feel a whole album in this same vein would suit her well. Love is a Game kind of sounds like it lives in that realm too but would be so much more enjoyable if it were a shorter edit. Same goes for Hold On.. they both start with promise only to slog along until any defining "moment" feels like a non-event.

    Oh My God is a fun, enjoyable enough bop and I could see it doing well for her as a single for sure, but it still feels completely anemic next to beloved Adele bops like Rumor Has It, Water Under The Bridge..etc.
  5. On my first listen to All Night Parking I thought some of the delivery sounded exactly like another Adele song and I finally just realized that it's Right as Rain. Does anybody else hear it?
  6. Yes, a little too premeditated to come across as anything but a little cringe.
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  7. That clip of Wild Wild West...

  8. Rumour Has It has to be her most overrated song. That nightmare chorus. Oh My God is leagues better!

    Oh My God is straight to top of Today's Top Hits and Can I Get It is in there too. Glad she's giving us bop singles. Anyone think Hold On will arrive with an edit and get a proper push next year?
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  9. I started off kinda excited for what I was in store for based on the sounds of the first 3 tracks and then it turned into a perfectly pleasant but inessential experience by the time I get to Hold On, the logical end of an album that for some ridiculous reason carries on for another 12 minutes after that.

    Can I Get It and Oh My God feel like the result of her label begging and pleading for a couple of obvious radio hits.
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  10. My boyfriend and I have very similar taste in music, it was one of the things that helped us bond, but we disagree on Adele. He LOVES her, and I do too but I think her music is stupid overrated. I have made so many sarcastic comments about 30 coming out, and having to put up with her overplayed music everywhere we go, but I'm playing her album now and I love it?!

    haha, oh well, can't wait for him to come home and share this upsetting bit of news
  11. Waiting for the dancehall remix of “Cry Your Heart Out”
  12. What if... it turns out he hates it?
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  13. This would have been ideal:
    1. Strangers By Name
    2. Easy On Me
    3. My Little Love
    4. Cry Your Heart Out
    5. Oh My God
    6. Can I Get It
    7. All Night Parking
    8. Hold On (Edit)
    9. To Be Loved (Edit)
    10. Love Is a Game
    I Drink Wine is entirely too long and Woman Like Me is inessential. Haven't heard the deluxe tracks.
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  14. That would honestly be hilarious and my favorite outcome, but I doubt it. I think he will eat this up
  15. Oh My God is a P!nk Hurts 2 B Human bop
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  16. I'm really enjoying this.
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  17. I said in my post that Oh My God was an enjoyable enough bop that would do well for her as a single.. but my favorite Adele bop it is not. Can I Get It is so bland and basic with it's novelty whistles. Adele's voice is the only thing that saves it from being any random Maroon 5 by-the-numbers song. At least Water Under The Bridge, Rumor Has It, ..etc have more exciting production choices.
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  18. On first listen it's technically impressive but not very visceral – despite her reputation for making her audience cry I've always found her records pretty sterile. Like with all her others, there are a handful of songs I'll keep and others I probably won't play ever again. The strings are the most interesting thing here and I wish they were on every song. And boy am I annoyed with her for ruining My Little Love with those self indulgent home-movie clips. It crosses a line into maudlin cringe for me, which is a shame because the instrumental is lovely.
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  19. This drag dddd
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  20. RJF


    Not this.
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