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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Easy On Me with Chris Stapleton is nice, but feels a bit cheap. There's no sense of it being an actual duet. It's clear they just gave him the finished track and told him to harmonise along with it.

    Really, really like Wild Wild West though. That rumbling bassline is brilliant. Love the attitude.

    Can't Be Together is pretty forgettable and was rightly left off the main album.
  2. “Can I Get It”, that’s adult contemporary boppery!
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  3. All Night Parking is so sexy.
  4. So Easy to turn it into a big bop ! It reminds me of a Kylie unreleased, Change your mind
  5. ''Oh My God''.... oh my God! Gem...
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  6. To Be Loved is…gut wrenching. Easily top five Adele.
  7. I think back to when Adele covered Fastlove in tribute to George Michael on the 2017 Grammy Awards. It's fitting that she did that song because this album feels like her Older. It's a melancholy, somewhat sedate, sophisticated next step, many of the songs don't have radio-friendly lengths at all (and many of them don't seem particularly concerned with how they'll sound on the radio whatsoever), and it centers around a deeply personal romantic loss. I've only listened three times so far but I really love it for the most part. I'd support it on principle no matter what because she's clearly doing the art she has to do, not what she feels obliged to do for the industry's sake. Can I Get It and I Drink Wine constitute a bit of a dead spot for me, but on the whole, this album is such a journey. And that last half of the album especially, one wallop after the next. To Be Loved may be her best vocal performance ever committed to recording.

    The sounds on this album remind me a lot of old records from the sixties, especially on Strangers By Nature, Woman Like Me, and Love Is A Game. There's a very unusual, dreamlike space a lot of this album lives in, like a late-night performance in some smoky basement twilight zone night club; the last song is emerging up the steps from the club as the sun rises, having been through this woman's dark night of the soul with her and literally stepping out into a new day. I'm really looking forward to spending more time there.
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  8. This is what the Apple Music chart looks like in the U.K.:

    01 01 Adele - Easy On Me
    02 NE Adele - My Little Love
    03 NE Adele - Oh My God
    04 NE Adele - Strangers By Nature
    05 NE Adele - I Drink Wine
    06 NE Adele - Cry Your Heart Out
    07 NE Adele - Can I Get It
    08 NE Adele - To Be Loved
    09 NE Adele - All Night Parking (with Erroll Garner) Interlude
    10 NE Adele - Woman Like Me
    11 NE Adele - Hold On
    14 NE Adele - Love Is A Game

    Poor flop Love is a Game.
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  9. “Can’t Be Together” being a bonus while “I Drink Wine” has a place here. Twisted.
  10. I Drink Wine’s place is justified on the grounds that it’s great.
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  11. My Little Love is extremely hypnotic. The way the backing vocals come in and take over every time her voice notes get too intense is really beautiful. It's like she's giving herself a warm hug.
  12. Yeah, there's definitely an interesting atmosphere to the album. I'm still not entirely sure how to define it.

    Love is a Game is rivaling My Little Love for my favorite song. It really snuck up on me, sounds like a classic. Inflo's production is actually... exquisite ddd. I guess I'm a sucker for the elaborate orchestral tracks here.
  13. Just heard the bonus tracks. As with 25, they absolutely serve it up.
  14. kal


    I was literally thinking this earlier.
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  15. This is definitely different. I’m walking down Broadway on my first listen and it is a vibe.
  16. Would it be controversial to suggest she'd probably benefit from working with a vocal coach? Ddd
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  17. upload_2021-11-20_0-32-51.jpeg
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  18. I think she’s done a LOT of work with a vocal coach for this album. Her voice is really grown in my opinion. I do wonder if it’s just that it’s mostly without a lot of processing or correction which is pretty unusual these days.
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  19. She's pushed herself to sing in ways that are completely new to her here, which probably wouldn't be possible without a ton of vocal coaching.
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  20. The voice also changes with weight loss/gain.
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