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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Doesn't that place her only behind Taylor among women? And Red TV had 30 songs. Huge debuts by Drake and Kanye also had double the number of songs.
  2. The bonus tracks are amazing, wow.
  3. But Easy On Me debuted with nearly 20 million streams so of course anyone could expect higher numbers for each track.
  4. Well that’s a bit of a shock.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I can’t at some people saying the voice notes in My Little Love are cringeworthy. The one where she breaks down in tears just broke me. I don’t recall ever hearing an artist being so open and raw on a song.
  7. I actually thought the hype would’ve pushed the album to 100m with ease so I’m a bit shocked. I do think the album will be very stable though.
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  8. Someone on Buzzjack is reporting that first day sales in the U.K. are 86k physical and 24k digital so 110k in total. Obviously streaming is not included yet. Obviously great numbers but maybe low compared to expectations.
  9. It's also... heavy. So many people are not gonna stream it twice a day, you know?
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  10. I would've thought expectations for the UK will be around 400k so it seems on-target to me.
  11. Streaming will add 50 - 60k to that total for the week which still leaves 240k physicals which seems like a tall order. There may be the Abba/Ed style fuckery where preorders haven’t been dispatched yet which could add to that total of course.
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  12. Poor Amy! I corrected my post. Thanks!
  13. Interesting.

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  14. I depends how many pre-orders were unleashed already. I have a hard time believing even half of them would have been sent out on day one. ABBA's were very staggered across the week.
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  15. This. She will be more than fine in the end.
  16. I’m not actually surprised by the streams because I think everyone I’ve spoken to has agreed that first play through it’s an underwhelming, even difficult listen, which would hardly convince the casual listener to dive in the same way 21 and 25 did.
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  17. Poor numbers but just shows how dead the CD market is in the UK. Karen is no longer going to Tesco to buy CDs, not even Adele. Her label actually shipped CDs and vinyls in time so no issue with missing data. Her Spotify numbers in the UK are not great, 1 track just over 1 million, the rest between 400 and 700K, not great. Sad to see people were more invested in Drake's latest than in Adele-30.
  18. #1 RED (Taylor's Version) 90.8M
    #2 folklore 80.6M
    #3 thank u, next 70.2M
    #4 evermore 67.4M
    #5 SOUR 63.2M
    #6 positions 58.7M
    #7 Lover 54.8M
    #8 Fearless TV 50.8M
    #9 Chromatica 48.3M
    #10 WWAFA,WDWG? 47M

    It'd place her at #6, though the average stream per track is good:
    thank u, next: 5.85M
    SOUR: 5.74M
    30: 5.05M
    Folklore: 5.03M
    evermore: 4.49M
    positions: 4.19M
    WWAFA,WDWG - 3.35M
    Chromatica: 3.22M
    Lover: 3.04M
    RED TV: 3.02M
    Fearless TV: 1.95M

    (Whew, thank u, next, the pop culture moment)
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  19. I’m kind of loving this?
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  20. Is there any way to order the target edition for us in Europe?
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