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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. It immediately reminded me of an old black and white movie. But it does feel like Disney too! But it must be one of the slooooooowest songs ever though. Seems. To. Go. So. Slowly. Although there's something nice somewhere in there.
  2. Love Is a Game is lovely and quite a spectacular closer. And Strangers By Nature is a beautiful way to start the album. Both Ludwig and Inflo should produce her next album together.
  3. The way I screamed at this.

    I keep coming back to Oh My God. My Little Love is exquisite but I can’t stomach those voice notes more than once per day at the moment.
  4. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    I mean, I get the criticism about it lyrically. But I also think that this captures a sonic vibe that she’s never really gone for and it’s wonderfully consistent within that, ending up as a true mood album. I can’t see myself listening to the songs individually but as a whole it’s really great.
  5. This is a really great album, and a real switch up of sound. In a way feels like a very natural successor to 19. It’s really something very different for her, and a very refreshing listen

    the trio of bops in the middle really is everything
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  6. It at least answers the question of “What if she leant more into the sound of 19 again?” that’s often brought up.

    I think it also opens up some potentially interesting new avenues for her, but, given how long she takes between albums, I doubt that’ll be explored further. She’ll inevitably release something safe and MOR again when she wants another easy million in 5 years.
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  7. Luc


    According to Billboard, “30” is expected to sell between 1.3-1.7 MILLION copies in the United States alone with at least 1 MILLION copies being only vinyls, CDs and downloads without streams.

    Her performance on streams is expected to be low compared to other artists due to high demand from physical.
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  8. I can confirm that using the bonus tracks to space out the last three 6+ minute songs makes the second half of the album a lot stronger.
  9. I read the article this comes from and it’s not a projection from Billboard, but instead a rough guess from an anonymous music executive. She probably will do >1m in the end, but so far we haven’t seen any estimations based on actual sales data.
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  10. This looks great. Do we know what the set list is yet? Hopefully some different new songs to the USA performance.

    I also found a clip of the end of this performance:
  11. Luc


    Her performance of Easy On Me at the French NRJ Music Awards :

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  12. I know the UK special aired tonight, but I managed to watch the CBS special and I really liked it. I’m yet to listen to the album (tomorrow I finally have time for it!) but I adore Love Is A Game!
  13. So I had my first solo listen with full attention paid and truth be told… I think it’s pretty great until that last section, where despite some technical successes, it all bleeds together and ultimately robs those final tracks of the impact they might’ve had if produced more interestingly or spread out or whatever.

    I Drink Wine has a bit of a “Adele Song Generator” vibe but it stands apart from everything around it because of that, so while not for me, it sounds fine in context (I’ll never to it willingly again though). Basically enjoy the album until Woman Like Me grinds it all to a halt.

    So yeah. Nice background music on the whole, but contains some great moments. I still think Easy On Me is excellent and real mature effort on her part. Strikes me “in the feels” but does so without guile or overt machinations to do so. The story and sentiment of that song is one I know and have heard close to home. It’s great. Not sure anything else here is up to that calibre, but lots of fun moments that remind me (as others said) of Frank-era Amy a wee bit.
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  14. Not sure this interview has been posted yet, but I'm 15 minutes in and so far it's a really good deep dive into the album, its sounds, the meaning behind the songs, her headspace at the time etc. She seems really comfortable and open to talk about anything and everything here.

  15. Sam


    Wild Wild West is fucking brilliant and far beyond anything I’d expected from her like ever. More!
  16. To Be Loved is the only one of the longer songs that really feels it. The vocal is otherworldly but that basic plonky piano is just a bit *too* sparse for me. That, Hold On, and Easy On Me are easily my three least-favourites on the album, but they each seem *important* to the overall vibe and, honestly, I think the sequencing is pretty good…. The opening trio and post-interlude tracks work well together as bookends, and you’ve got that run of bops in the middle. Yeah it’d be nice if Wild Wild West were in there but not really sure I’d change it overall as it all seems very purposeful.

    Also, Love is a Game is a spectacular closer, I love that big instrumental behind her - one of the best on the album that doesn’t seem to be getting enough love.
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  17. Just finished my first playthrough and yeah, this album sounds nothing like what I thought we were getting based on the live special. That was very misleading.

    There's a proper mix of sounds in here, often on the same song. Like the smoky jazz sound up front, with the digitally distorted sounds twirling and twisting in the back. Really interesting (not hugely original).

    Some of it is too samey samey though and I didn't come away with any memorable melodies, though they may sneak up on me with more time. I do also wish she'd trimmed a couple of the songs down by at least 2 minutes each.

    The one thing that struck me instantly was her voice. She has never sounded better. Her voice has completely opened up. There are some incredible vocal moments here.
  18. Just popping into say the ‘maybe baby’ bit in ‘Oh My God’ is possibly one of my favourite things
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