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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. She talks about/confirms the “I Drink Wine” video in this, and says it’s the campiest thing ever.

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  2. The kind of camp she talks about tumblr_pr45baojsQ1ujsdro_1280.jpg
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  3. "I don't want another Hello. It gave me a level of fame I don't want again"

    *Proceeds to do every viral video promotion she can and has a primetime network television special*
  4. Though it feels much lower key, Easy on Me has already been at no 1 for double the time that Hello was in the U.K. and shows no signs of easing off, at least until Mariah gets her week at no 1 during Christmas.
  5. Finally had the chance to listen to the album, and I'm liking the majority of it.
    It's very much Adele doing what Adele does. She knows her lane and she doesn't stray too far out of it. I think Easy on Me was the best first single to choose from. I really like Can I Get It (I did think the guitar at the very beginning sounded slightly like a Red Hot Chilli Peppers track though)!
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  7. I took a couple days break from using the album and came back to it this morning and whew, it hit different.
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  8. Best week of the year. Germany already has her at #1, not everybody has that.
  9. That's also in part because the charts are more stagnant now no?
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  10. The intro does sound like it's leading into Dani California, now you mention it.
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  11. I hadn't listened to it for about a week and it sounded utterly wonderful when I returned to it today. It's my favourite album of hers without a shadow of a doubt.
  12. I really wanted to hate I Drink Wine based on its title but she wasn't kidding about writing desolate songs for burnt out millenials was she? It's absolutely the song that I've connected with the most here, good for those little moments of dissociation that take place every few days.

  13. The way her detractors just keep losing!
  14. This album really grew on me.
  15. Also grown on me like a fungus, probably because it suits this wintry weather we have so well. I think this is my favorite Adele now.
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  16. This is really her best album, I fear.
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  17. Some of the backing vocals/vocalists are a bit much with the chipmunk-like voices. I can't tell if it's Adele doing her own BVs and putting on that voice or being pitched up or if it's actual backing vocalists but the voices don't quite blend with each other on some of these songs.
  18. Love is a Game is so fantastic. I play it a few times every day. And the album about every day too. It's very good he.
  19. On the subject of backing singers, I absolutely love that Amanda Brown has been working with Adele since forever, and she's back with this album era. I always spot her and I don't think she's missed any major performance with Adele. Plenty good videos online and she did The Voice in between album cycles for Adele, and she is AMAZING.

  20. Finally listened today and it's really good. All Night Parking might be my favourite, followed by Love Is A Game.
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