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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. I really wanted to hate I Drink Wine based on its title but she wasn't kidding about writing desolate songs for burnt out millenials was she? It's absolutely the song that I've connected with the most here, good for those little moments of dissociation that take place every few days.

  2. The way her detractors just keep losing!
  3. This album really grew on me.
  4. Also grown on me like a fungus, probably because it suits this wintry weather we have so well. I think this is my favorite Adele now.
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  5. This is really her best album, I fear.
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  6. Some of the backing vocals/vocalists are a bit much with the chipmunk-like voices. I can't tell if it's Adele doing her own BVs and putting on that voice or being pitched up or if it's actual backing vocalists but the voices don't quite blend with each other on some of these songs.
  7. Love is a Game is so fantastic. I play it a few times every day. And the album about every day too. It's very good he.
  8. On the subject of backing singers, I absolutely love that Amanda Brown has been working with Adele since forever, and she's back with this album era. I always spot her and I don't think she's missed any major performance with Adele. Plenty good videos online and she did The Voice in between album cycles for Adele, and she is AMAZING.

  9. Finally listened today and it's really good. All Night Parking might be my favourite, followed by Love Is A Game.
  10. Inside of Pitchfork's best albums of the year. Deserved.
  11. Have just found the B-side of the Easy on Me cassette single is actually blank like the label shows, presumably so you can record something yourself (Bow Wow Wow impact!). Obviously this means my copy will contain the Louis La Roche mix.
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  12. Got distracted at work and missed my presale time. Now I see the cheapest seats are currently going for $4,000+?
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  13. Can I Get It is very rootsy. Model '33' on both that and Oh My God.
  14. The adlibs on the 2nd verse of Can I Get It (end of time, soo-ooo divine) are really incredible. So rich. She has many amazing adlib moments on this record but that one really hits every time.

    Great track. Especially the "will you... run with me?" post-chorus that comes out of nowhere when you think the song has played its whole hand.
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  15. I love Can I Get It but it’s definitely the song that wears out it’s welcome fastest for me based on the whistle alone. Let me be clear that I still love the song, I’m an absurd Adele stan. The prechorus is a moment! The vocal shift and affection on that first oh I had promised… is perfect. but the breakdown to build up on the can I get it? Doesn’t work for me when it’s answered by the cheap whistle. It feels like Max Martin just missing the mark and making a bad production move as sacrilegious as that is to say here. I’m sure the songwriting doesn’t help. I’m also very much team I Drink Wine so maybe this is a bops va ballads moment?
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  16. As expected
  17. Folklore is the better album but congrats to both ladies!
  18. Not me about to pen my 17th defensive post about evermore being the better album until I saw the thread title.
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