Adele - 30

Meh. Her visuals are mostly always a snore. And when the song is already a hit I doubt the motivation is there to make something more special.
I was expecting the ‘hilarious’ video she spoke of last year but I guess that was for ‘I Drink Wine’ and they decided to not release it? Smart move to push this track first anyway, it’s still one of the better songs on the record.

I quite liked the video.
As always, she looks incredible. Whoever does her makeup, especially her eye make up, is a true artist.

The video is quite daring, for an Adele video, and I kinda love her commitment to sitting.

Hopefully we get a couple more videos from the album at least…

Adele is truly gonna ram this tired ass formula of hers in to the ground even when there's glimmers of hope like Oh My God.

Okay but what a Christian-lite bop.

I unironically love how completely obvious it is that this is a Taylor Dayne reject. Kathy even copycats Taylor's ad-libs. (I'm surprised Diane Warren didn't try giving it to Cher after Taylor passed on it. Cher would've killed it actually.)

It's also funny to me how despite this being a minor hit, she went right back to Christian Contemporary and never bothered trying to have a mainstream hit again. Not everyone can be Amy Grant, I guess. There can be only one supreme etc.
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