Adele - 30

For a video whose sole concept was "Adele sits while others move... now with added one-shot camerawork", it could've been worse ddd.

I clowned myself waiting for it to turn to colour though. What a waste of a lovely red dress.

The video is quite daring, for an Adele video…
I was living on my first listen thinking it was this big wink to all the chairs and the obvious other references and my homosexual senses were overwhelmed imagining her looks in color and assuming I would on the last chorus at very least. Rewatched today and it really feels hollow without any sort of ratcheting up
I was disappointed at first but now I’ve grown to like both the song and the video. I would have given her more handography though, as in that millisecond at the end she looks fabulous. She’s totally serving Glenn Close in The Stepford Wives all the way through.
It's charting like a classic but it doesn't feel as monumental as the other smashes. That's probably more of a product of how fragmented the music market it is (songs aren't in your face as much unless you want them to be), but it is interesting.

It's gonna be like one of five songs by a woman to have ten weeks at #10 this century. Maybe we need to defer less to feelings and more to numbers, no?