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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Jesy Nelson’s debut album <3
  2. Set Fire to the Post.
  3. Hometown Glory >>> The rest of her discography
  4. Her greatest singles (not just leads)

    01 Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
    02 Set Fire to the Rain
    03 Hello
    04 Easy On Me
    05 Hometown Glory
    06 Skyfall
    07 When We Were Young
    08 Rolling in the Deep
    09 Water Under the Bridge
    10 Someone Like You

    Damn. Her singles discography is actually pure fire. I'm kinda shook writing it out like that.
  5. Water Under The Bridge is top top TOP tier Adele for me.
  6. I would not call it fire. Maybe warm tea.
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I still forget Easy On Me after every listen; yeah it might be 10 weeks at #1 but...where’s the competition dd?
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  8. Hello felt way, way huger.
  9. Hello marked the height of her imperial period. It's a redundant comparison. It's like saying Vogue felt huger than Frozen.

    Hello may have felt bigger due to the excessive Adele stanning everywhere but there's also six years of cultural impact influencing that feeling. Of course Easy On Me is at a disadvantage without that.
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  10. Easy on Me is the better song but Hello did it all first and with more style
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  11. Hello just sounds like a much bigger song, but even Adele acknowledged that. Her best singles are Set Fire to the Rain, Water Under the Bridge, Someone Like You, and Hello. But honestly she hasn't had a bad single ever. They always pick the right ones.
  12. Water Under the Bridge is Adele's best single, Chasing Pavements is the second best, and any other opinions are simply incorrect.

    Hello felt more... zeitgeisty than Easy On Me. Both massive, but Hello really felt like it was a cultural moment and the star of the show whereas Easy On Me was confined to a musical moment overshadowed culturally by people being shocked that Adele lost weight, did kooky Instagram lives, etc
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  13. As a lead single, I think Hello perfectly fit her direction with 25.

    As a lead single, I think Easy on Me is a perfect bridge into her sound on 30.

    The two are different songs and the albums are musically different(ish) so, as others have said, the comparisons feel a bit weird.
  14. Is "Oh My God" gonna have it's moment or what? It's her biggest 'pop' song in quite a while.
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  15. She has some fantastic singles (‘Rolling in the Deep’, ‘Water Under the Bridge’ and ‘Hometown Glory’ being the best, in that order) but neither ‘Easy on Me’ or ‘Hello’ belong in that category.
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  16. I don't think so. It's done well on both streaming and radio but Easy on Me is still so massive on both formats that it's holding it back. The radio updates are good but not great and it's at #31 on UK Spotify and outside of the top 50 in the US.
  17. Yeah it's hard to smash when your previous single won't vacate the top 3. It's done well though. I'm curious to see what they go for next - I Drink Wine or Can I Get It?

    I'd love an SNL performance slot too.
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  19. I really feel for her and you can tell she's upset , but this close to the wire, it didn't happen over night they must have knew weeks ago it wasn't going to happen and they still plodded along
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