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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Gutted for her.
  2. Feel sorry for her and the fans, but that is giving me worthy of an acting reel on the British Soap Awards for Best Actress on Eastenders teas.
  3. I think they were trying to consider all possible options to make something work first, and it just wasn’t happening. Her crew getting COVID is probably what did it, otherwise I could have seen her just standing there with her band for an “intimate” show.
  4. Aw I feel bad for her, she sounds heartbroken. I really respect that she was totally honest about it.
  5. Not a good look. How hard is to put together an Adele show though? It’s not like a big Beyoncé stage show. The night before as well. So bad
  6. I mean she still relies on a band, stage crew, lighting, sound... it's not like she's performing to Youtube karaoke instrumentals in her front room.
  7. Why do some of you insist on being so cold on here?
  8. RMK


    Was definitely a Covid situation. I'm sure that was the final straw when other aspects of the show weren't working out.
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  9. Quite hard I imagine when half of the crew have Covid as she explained in the video.
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  10. That's awful news for everyone involved.
  11. That’s really sad to hear about her Vegas show.

    I’ve really grown to love Easy On Me. I didn’t actively seek it, but always find myself appreciating when it comes on the radio. Very easy listening, and aside from that, the subject matter is very rarely tackled in pop music, much more a #1 song so I appreciate that.
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  12. Of all the things to post you choose this? Not a good look beb.
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  13. "Not a good look" and accusing her of acting? Go touch grass, people.
  14. Just saw the news, feel so sorry for her she looks so upset. People (fans on Twitter etc) need to understand they’ve booked a show during uncertain times and the potential for this happening was very high. I can understand anger from cancelling the day before, it is a bit late but… we all know what Covid is like and should expect the worst unfortunately!
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  15. It's a real shame for her, everyone involved in the show and of course everyone who'd made travel arrangements etc.

    I can understand a certain level of anger from fans who've perhaps been burned by cancellations before, with Wembley probably still not feeling that long ago.

    Fingers crossed the show is worth it when it's able to happen.
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  16. I really do feel for her but how do shows like this get to the very last day until backup plans kick in?
  17. Oh that’s such a shame the residency as been postponed/rescheduled. Everything is so up in the air with touring and Covid so it’s understandable.
  18. For tours and shows to go ahead right now you need everyone to follow strict rules and just not do real life stuff after rehearsals etc. If staff, musicians and dancers mingle and hit the casinos after rehearsals... it will not work. Not sure how how can this be enforced / happen though - especially with the gaps between weekends. .
  19. Mmmh. I get that COVID argument, but at the same time cancelling a few hours before the opening night is unacceptable when you know people literally fly across the globe to see you and they are probably already there. When it comes to these kind of a shows 1 or 2 weeks is the bare minimum. It’s not like the whole crew got COVID at same hour of the same day, and even if that was the case you’re literally in one of the biggest cities in the world, it can’t be that difficult to find new workers.
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  20. Cancelling the day before it is set to start because “it isn’t ready” is inexcusable, Covid related or not. There should have been strict precautions in place that there clearly wasn’t. That being said, I do feel bad for her.
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