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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Yeah if it just fully wasn’t ready as opposed to Covid just taking out half of the production the day before opening then…how do you get to the eleventh hour before biting the bullet? Especially with a residency where people are travelling vs a standard tour.
  2. Wow, don't they have a backup crew or something? Being a residency I would've thought they'd have things like that in place, like with theatre shows. People will have come from all over the world, how awful.
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  3. This isn't just some local show you can drive to in 20 minutes, it's a special occasion to base your entire trip around. And she's postponing the whole residency, not just one show. I get that the industry is getting impatient after two years' loss of touring revenue but if there's any artist in the world that can afford a few months' delay of payments it's Adele.

  4. Gabriella Cilmi will eat
  5. If that isn’t a sign it’s not meant to be for you, I don’t know what is, hahaha!
  6. First of all, I don’t get how anyone could attack her after watching that video. Given her past issues with cancellations, you can tell she does feel truly terrible about this.

    As someone who has travelled abroad and had a show cancelled as my plane landed (Lady Gaga, Barcelona 2017) I understand how frustrating and upsetting it can be. But, you’ve just got to make the most of a bad situation. The people who’ve travelled for the show are still in Las Vegas and can still have a great time, even if it’s not what they had originally planned.

    Plus, this is a very obvious risk when making any substantial plans in the current climate? Personally, I wouldn’t travel overseas for any event right now, given how quickly things can and do change.

    I do however think that on a bigger picture, Adele’s team have dropped the ball with this. Now, I don’t work in this industry and have absolutely no idea of the costs etc, but I feel as though it’s essential that everyone involved in any tour basically puts socialising etc on hold for it’s duration. As such, I think that crews etc need to be paid sufficient to reflect this personal sacrifice. Failing that, you need to have a back up team of sorts that can help out. Again, I have no idea how it all works, and I’m sure it’s not cheap, easy or simple, but it’s the reality of touring and events for the next couple of years at least I’d say.
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  7. Doing what?
  8. Eating, drinking, gambling, maybe another cheaper show or something? Like, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t love it when I visited but you’d have plenty to do.
  9. It's understandable in this climate with Covid and absences, but to then also sort of say thing's weren't ready two days before it's start, it's a bit of a messy message for fans if you ask me, and I feel the video does come across a bit calculated, even if that wasn't the intent.

    But then, all cancellations can't be as iconic as this unbothered Queen
  10. What irks me that she starts the video saying they had delays and couldn‘t make the show work. And then she talks about Covid.

    So even without Corona the show would not have been ready so that is very unprofessional to cancel it so shortly.

    I feel bad for her but I feel worse for the fans and she should have a talk with her team.
  11. I obviously don’t doubt covid is a factor in it but if the show wasn’t near ready even last week then surely it could have been announced then? Giving people more of a chance to try change flights/hotels etc.
  12. Isn’t Katy still playing this month?
  13. Sam


    Bold of anyone to assume they’ve got a spare however many dollars to go and see another residency?

    it’s awful timing, but I doubt it’s up to her. I bet a few people have lost their jobs over this
  14. Not until March.

    In a way Adele's being made a scapegoat here, seems like a chain of poor decision making stemming from greed. If Katy and Dua can wait it out until March so could Adele.
  15. I thought it was ambitious them announcing dates for slap bang in the middle of winter. Like you said, other artists have been slightly more sensible waiting until a little later on.
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  16. RJF


    This is also the problem with basically every act capable of filling an arena in the industry all becoming centralised in Vegas. Like, travelling is of course an issue, but if you have everyone's in show in the one place... I would be surprised if Adele's show is the only one to suffer in the next month. To be fair, I'm sure all of this was put in place before Omicron came to destroy everyone's hopes and dreams for early 2022, but still. Cancelling the night before when your show is a destination is poor management.
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  17. Oh I didn’t realise Katy had finished already I thought she was on till the end of January.

    It’s a bit unprofessional to not have called the postponement sooner to let everyone know, but it’s just another sign of the times.
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  18. Of all the shows to not be ready on time, Adele (curtains / video screens / chairs) should not be one of them.
  19. I think it's very unprofessional to cancel the day before if it's for a reason like the show not being ready. They must have known that for a while.
  20. No shade but people aren't expecting a show like Britney/Katy/J-Lo. If they knew for weeks couldn't they have prepared an acoustic/intimate version of the show? Poor Adele and everyone involved ugh this seems like a worst nightmare.
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