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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

    • Nadine Coyle at Pizza Express.
    • Wee Papa Girl Rappers supporting a Greek pop star on tour in Greece in 1989 (niche!!!)
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  1. Nadine Coyle at Nadine's Irish Mist.
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  2. Gaga at Ikea!
  3. This is a lawsuit-in-waiting, I fear.
  4. This may be true, but who's to say the people who probably paid a small fortune for tickets would be satisfied with a barebones acoustic show? Sure it would have been a nice gesture, but it wouldn't be a perfect solution at all.
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  5. There’s a law that says if you get 45 minutes it’s a full show no? So Becky will just have to make do and hits the slots earlier.
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  6. Christ, the patronizing!

    Whether or not Adele could have done a low-budget makeshift show for one weekend instead of rescheduling must rank among one of the forum’s more useless arguments.
  7. Like why doesn't she just invite everyone who had tickets into a zoom call and make it work? I don't get it.
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  8. People siding with a multi-milionarie singer and Las Vegas CEOs... smells like capitalism.
    As much as Adele can cry in front of a camera for her followers, it’s her audience who got really hurt. And I say this as a big fan of hers.
  9. Any type of an event with Adele (in any form) for the first weekend attendees (who traveled to Vegas especially and got the news hours before snow time) would’ve been a great solution. And their show could still be rescheduled with the others. And would’ve made things less messy.
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  10. I don’t think anyone here is siding with those responsible for the residency; it’s pretty unanimous that they handled this in the worst way possible. That said, I agree some sort of last-minute Plan B performance would have been near-impossible.
  11. Also "smells like capitalism" in a discussion about a show in Las Vegas...I mean, wow.
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  12. This was nice though (even if yeah, the whole thing is a mess)

  13. I’ve seen that she was FaceTiming people in the merch store.
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  14. Smells like capitalism!!!!! You can't have it both ways babe

  15. I believe it tbh. It was out of her hands, the money making machine in Vegas was not going to give up that easily.
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  16. Also, same.
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  17. Would not be surprised. Especially as a Gaga fan who has had her tour in "Postponed" mode for almost 2 years now. These agencies and whatnot want to make their money. I'm sure against her pleas, they tried everything they could to make it happen and waited far too long to decide it could not. Unfortunately that would just makes her look bad even if it's their fault. I can understand why she's so upset.
    But like, she will move on to perform again when it's possible. The real people who are effected by this is everyone who cannot get refunds on their trip. And that really sucks. Just another sign our world isn't ready for events like this to be happening again.
  18. The facetiming. Elizabeth Warren who.
  19. RMK


    Ultimately Adele is the face which means the backlash will go toward her, but when you're under contracts and working with these bigger venues it makes sense she wouldn't have the final say.

    While I'm totally understanding Covid may have been the final strike, if I had bought a ticket and was avidly traveling for her this weekend I'd probably have a different interpretation. It's really unfortunate, especially for a show that doesn't require as much. When she says production delays, the average person is just going to say "buy different curtains" and point to Katy Perry or Gaga's production.
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