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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. The comments on the IG are pretty harsh... her reputation era incoming!!?

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  2. Maybe she should do another live show in LA with celeb only invites to smooth things over? The cockney chimney sweep act which won over so many is over I fear!
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  3. God her post is just gross.

    Knowing her fans have spent enormous amounts of money and some ended up already in Vegas with no concert to see, she thinks they'll be happy to know she's performing at the Brits instead? And yes, as others have pointed out, screaming with laughter and holding a playing card up to the camera is hideously tone deaf.

    Some of her choices during this era have been hugely off-putting. She has developed this character that is almost a hyper-stylised, parody of herself now. It's like, if SNL did a sketch 10 years ago on what would happen if charming, non-media trained Adele moved to LA. She has become that.
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  4. Yeah her LA phase ("I could never afford a house in London so I moved here babez") has been verging on parody for some time now.
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  5. I live outside the socials bubble so I had no idea she was facing a backlash but how so?
    Last time I checked she was crying on an insta video because the Vegas show was postponed and now some people want ther locked up in her room until the new dates are announced or something.
    Surely she is not the one planning it all on her own? I’m the first up to blame artists for artistic reasons but gigs planning and rescheduling are most of the time out of their control - let the girl live and do her Brits performance…
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  6. Rob


    We should have known her taste was poor when she said James Corden was a friend of hers.
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  7. I don't think anybody implied that she should be locked up in her room until the dates are rescheduled. It's all about the optics of cancelling all the dates for contradictory reasons and then posting "lolz see me at the brits". I'm sure a different kind of announcement would have worked, but this looks super tone-deaf.
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  8. Yes, exactly that and the fact that people were allowed to travel around the world to Vegas only to find out the thing was cancelled with less than a day's notice, despite it seeming now that they had ample opportunity to cancel in the weeks running up to it. That's really the kicker. Last minute cancellations happen all the time. Some things just cannot be avoided. But its the stuff we hear about afterwards that make it seem like it's not quite as she'd have you believe.

    Particularly because, allegedly, a large part of the reason is because she hated the production of the show and there were disagreements back stage. Not just that seemingly the entire crew caught covid right at the last minute...

    All hearsay obviously, until it's confirmed directly. But there's a lot of specifics out there that have not yet been denied or addressed.

    Also, it's Adele. Is it so out of the realm of possibility for her to have just apologised, explained the show was a complete disaster and not what she wanted and just been there to do an acoustic gig, no frills. At least give those poor people something.

    Obviously, she has to move on and keep working, as other things will have been planned and scheduled. But I'd have said that some more communication about what was actually happening to the shows might have been a good idea before that post.
  9. 'Rich sends his love'

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  10. Musicians of a certain level of success are not like us, no matter what their carefully curated public images suggest. Not least Adele and her £130m net worth. It is what it is, but it's something to be mindful of (I'm saying this to myself as much as anyone else).

    I guess it's a bit more jarring when it's Adele that you come to this realisation about, given her background and that she's been seen as pop's down-to-earth everywoman for so long.
  11. Also, how can Adele of all people, not afford a house in London? Or was that some sort of joke?
  12. She's just being relatable.
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  13. She can afford a house in London, but a super-mansion here costs £40 million rather than £10 million in LA.
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  14. SBK


    I don't think she is facing that much backlash, sure there's a few comments but if you read the comments under her posts there's a lot of people who'd happily let her punch them in the face and spit on them and still would tell her she's amazing.

    Its probably a joke, she can afford to live anywhere, she probably means she can get more for her money in LA and the weather isn't shit 90% of the year.
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  15. Also she's probably not paying taxes by not owing a home in the UK... dd!
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  16. The way a certain UK popstar complained to me about that and then flew out years later to live in New York herself.
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  17. Sam


    alright but WHO
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  18. Complained about Adele complaining, or complained about having to pay tax?
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  19. Apparently she bought two neighbouring Kensington townhouses last year with a view to converting them to a single mansion - though I presume L.A. would remain her primary residence. Can you tell how busy I am right now at work x
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  20. George Michael never leaving the UK desire accountants begging him to do so and save loads of money springs to mind. King who also had two London houses both next to cruising areas dd.
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