Adele - 30

How is she so allergic to anything that bops? It's not like this is a David Guetta track. It would still make massive sense within her universe. Today she would be to scared that people would undervalue a bop on TikTok or put one song on repeat instead of the whole album in its suggested order but this was a few years ago.
(The 3 still unreleased worldwide Wallmart Bonus Tracks for 25 are better than at least half the album we got)
I find it weird that some people seem to hate her? Nothing about her career elicits strong emotions other than the nausea @Nillness tragically experienced. I would think we would all just...nothing her, and her Music To Make The Boys Cry Crochet aesthetic.

Does anyone actually hate her? Maybe some hyperbolic posts in this thread and I think she's extremely annoying and bland these days, but I don't think the justified criticism is a symbol of hate.


Any updates on the I Drink Wine music video?