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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. How is she so allergic to anything that bops? It's not like this is a David Guetta track. It would still make massive sense within her universe. Today she would be to scared that people would undervalue a bop on TikTok or put one song on repeat instead of the whole album in its suggested order but this was a few years ago.
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  2. (The 3 still unreleased worldwide Wallmart Bonus Tracks for 25 are better than at least half the album we got)
  3. I find it weird that some people seem to hate her? Nothing about her career elicits strong emotions other than the nausea @Nillness tragically experienced. I would think we would all just...nothing her, and her Music To Make The Boys Cry Crochet aesthetic.
  4. Wow Another Love is great, would have been a highlight in any of the last 2 albuns.
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  5. Oh, I love this! I can kind of see why it was left off the album, as I guess it doesn't really fit the rest of the soundscape. But still, this would have made a great addition!

    No club bangers!!!
  6. Does anyone actually hate her? Maybe some hyperbolic posts in this thread and I think she's extremely annoying and bland these days, but I don't think the justified criticism is a symbol of hate.
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  7. This and "Never See Me Again" are so good. Do we have a list of her leaked demos and songs that aren't on Spotify?
  8. Oh.My God and Cry Your Heart Out has been on repeat for me, I actually really enjoy the whole album. She does no wrong for me.
  9. She never leaks no? Holy shit this song is so good. It's so insane that she has albums of unreleased stuff
  10. Any updates on the I Drink Wine music video?
  11. Sam


  12. She'll drink wine and other people will too. The wine will spill from the glass and will form couples etc in a start stop watercolour effect.
  13. I think you're expecting a bit too much from an Adele video in 2022.
  14. It's on for a fiver beb
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  15. Watercolour is a bit optimistic, no?
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  16. kal


    It'll be a black & white video where only the wine will be red. Her mind, etc.
  17. A Schindler's List focal point in a subpar Adele MV? Her mind!!!
  18. Every straight on Instagram 2019:
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  19. Plot twist: it's white wine.
  20. Double twist… it’s rosè.
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