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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. I will never understand the criticisms aimed at 25. It was her 3rd album. Of course she was going to insure her success wasn't a one album fluke and make something that was palatable for a wide audience and insured her a few more hits. There is nothing unusual about that, and just because she could conceivably afford to take a risk doesn't mean that was the wisest decision. We can all name more than a few artists who were leaders in pop with a second album and then chose to take a risk on their 3rd album and spent the next few years playing catch up (Pink and Kelly are the obvious two who come to mind). 25 was what we'd come to expect from Adele but it is good. Those are well crafted songs and that run of singles was bulletproof.
  2. None of which means people have to find it exciting. It's four great singles (all classics) and one great album track for me... the rest is way too safe to excite.
  3. I didn't think anyone went to Adele for excitement, but ok.
  4. Adele peaked with ''21''. The rest is just recycling the successful recipe for radio / chart success. I mean, I like ''25'' and ''30'' but... yeah!
  5. Excuse me?!
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  6. 25 was aight but bulletproof is a reach, I'm loving 30 been wearing out Cry Your Heart Out And Oh My God
  7. Yeah, I agree with that - Can I Get It does stick out in how aggressively generic it is, but also low-key the best song on the album.
  8. Easy on me.
    Oh my god.
    I drink wine.
    Can I get it.

    A singles run.
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  9. I haven't revisited 30 past its release week. Maybe this speaks volume about my taste rather than the quality of Adele's output. Or maybe it's just the fear of getting too attached to a song only for it to have a black and white music video in which she does... nothing too exciting? I honestly don't know anymore.

    But I was really gunning for My Little Love to get more recognition.
  10. 30 is a decent record. Even if it's lacking something immense like Water Under The Bridge, the sonic Adele-level risks alongside the honest subject matter makes it a moment in her catalogue.

    That being said, I haven't played it a single time since release week. Her commitment to cosplaying as capital A Adele this time around was just...boring, honestly. The black and white was blacker and whiter, the black gowns were more expensive, the ballads were more overwrought. I get the feeling that she just doesn't like the song and dance of promoting a record, which is fine! Just makes me want to invest less too.
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  11. She never wanted to be a popstar of this level anyway. It’s not a surprise that her dislike is beginning to shine through.
  12. I haven't returned to this either. It does not excite me. It does not help that the album cover is so nothing-y.
  13. RMK


    Despite her promotion of this album signaling the opposite, 25 feels a lot more varying than 30. And songs like "Oh My God" and "Can I Get It" feel completely shoe-horned in as the options for Top 40. I mean, a whistle hook? It's weird hearing those mixed in with the six minute slogs. Hello, Water Under the Bridge, and Send My Love all felt like Adele delivering solid singles that made sense with their parent album. I also just.. Feel like there's more use in coming back to songs like Million Years Ago and River Lea which detail her life changing with fame, rather than a ballad with her friends singing flat in the background.
  14. It just doesn’t have huge replay value, I wouldn’t even mind if she was going to come with another album in 2 years but if it’s 5 years, she might not bounce back.
  15. Oh My God feels like it came and went without a trace, but then it has 240 million streams on Spotify so I guess people are still listening?
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  16. As an OG American Adelephant, 30 proves @bryan89 right: 21 was magic in a bottle and while both 25 and 30 are well executed albums filled with her talent, there’s no spark. The singles remain top notch even if they can lean too far into the ease of her success. In the deep cuts, I hear the adele I LOVE: River Lea, My Little Love, All Night Parking, I Miss You, ALL the bonus tracks from both albums! But there’s so much that’s aimed right at the middle, I mean 25 has a goddamn Bruno Mars co write and 30 has a whistle drop in 2021!!!! I do think she hit a level of stardom that meant My Same and First Love would never see the sun again so the creep back of the jazz influence in 30 excited me for the path she might be on. Then Vegas happened…
  17. I personally think any artists' album should be exciting on some level. I think "okay, this album has some good songs on it but suffers from playing it safe" is an absolutely valid criticism even if Adele's musical style is not electrifying bops or whatever.
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  18. My point was I don't think playing it safe at that stage should really be a criticism. It was only her 3rd album and her first with real anticipation. She's looking at a long term career here. Most Beyonce fans don't consider Sasha Fierce to be one of her better albums, but it was absolutely needed before she started doing whatever she wanted. Adele isn't the same type of artist but its the same idea - it was smart to insure she got another blockbuster. When you reach the level of success Adele achieved (or Beyonce or Gaga or Katy or Taylor) it's not just about the art. There is a business to being Adele.
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  19. It’s still getting around a million streams a day.
  20. All I Ask is a great song though!
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