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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Looks like it’s out of the top 50 now in US. It’s collapsing, where is the 3rd single
  2. Is it or is Adele just a good singer?
  3. I'm almost done with listening to 30. The vocals are excellent and the lyrics are good too (Woman Like Me is kind of annoying though), but sonically it's pretty boring. The melodies are technically strong but they don't stand out. It sounds like pure background music except for those rare moments where the tempo surprisingly changes. The instrumentals are an absolute snooze. I know this is not the kind of music that has exciting production, but this is literally just stock piano sounds a lot of the time.

    Edit: I finished. It was such a chore. The songs sound so samey and the melodies are so forgettable and repetitive. It's like they're counting on her voice to carry the whole thing. Lyrics are solid though.
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  4. I remembered randomly last night that last year Adele mentioned several times a music video for I Drink Wine had already been shot and seemed pretty much ready to go. I'm guessing this has been scrapped now?
  5. I'm guessing its the 3rd single. There was a huge gap between When We Were Young and Send My Love too, so I wouldn't assume plans are scrapped just yet.
  6. I’m pretty sure the radio silence is largely down to waiting for the Vegas situation to blow over, but if they’re counting on “I Drink Wine” to revive this campaign after months of silence…I’m not sure it’s going to have the desired effect.
  7. I Drink Wine is one of the better songs IMO, but it's so long-winded for no reason.
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  8. I know they’ve already shot a video but I feel after the lukewarm reception I Drink Wine received at the Brits may have caused them to second think it as a single. I mean it had the biggest platform in the UK and didn’t do much.
  9. I love I Drink Wine but it belongs as a Artist Favorite Album track, not a single and definitely not a reset single. In my dream world, Wild Wild West is released with a deluxe but we know Adele don’t play that so I’ll pray Love is a Game gets a solid push before she fucks off for another decade
  10. Not throwing the bonus tracks on streaming two weeks after the album dropped was a major mistake. We need Wild Wild West!

    They can and should still push Can I Get It as third single. It's about to hit 100m streams.

    Love is a Game also deserves its moment. Probably the best song on the album.
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  11. Her team can send anything they want to radio in the US and, at the very least, Adult Contemporary would eat it up. Her aversion to committing to a single beyond the lead makes it very hard to have any longevity in a campaign. Despite Oh My God doing decently, it feels very much like this campaign begin and ended with Easy on Me. They really let down the material by not having a clear plan to push it, especially when it can be so effortless for her. I don't get why they just let the record die.
  12. The songs just aren’t radio friendly in my opinion and I don’t think anything would take off now
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  13. [​IMG]

    It's so cheesy and corny, but it works beautifully.
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  14. Very this.

    While I'm sure many would go to a Beyonce concert to see her make a statement with Formation or listen to Top 5 of the best songs of all time (which is Countdown), the reality is a lot more would attend to hear her sing Halo and Single Ladies.

    I don't think anyone could fault 25's four flawless single run, which not all campaigns manage, and River Lea and Water Under the Bridge are great hidden gems.
  15. They really shit the bed with this single rollout...
  16. RMK


    A similar (but less dreadful) scenario took place during 25 where When We Were Young stalled out a bit, and there was no news on a follow-up until around now. Send My Love and the video premiere at the BBMAs resurrected the campaign, and I wouldn't be surprised if the formula is replicated.
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  17. Excuse the fat shaming in the last second but this video has me shaking, turning red and clutching the living room curtains

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  18. Ed wishes.
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  19. Oh My God could have been properly big had she done maybe 2/3 performances (inc Brits)
  20. Her and her team are so damn frustrating. Can I Get It would (and should) be an easy summer smash. It's like since Vegas they've completely given up.
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