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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Honestly, she's not playing for the likes of us on this deep weird forum but for all the minivan drivers looking to soundtrack chauffeuring their kids around the suburbs. If anything, she failed to make an album that Becky and Karen can leave in the cd player without cringing at the audio sob stories
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  2. If it’s repeated often enough in paid publicity then people start to believe it.

    She has a huge media budget.
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  3. “Easy on Me” won’t get the classic recurrent treatment her previous singles enjoy to this day. Nothing about it is essential to these ears.
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  4. It came on at the gym and it felt like 78 minutes.
  5. "Oh My God" had so much potential to bring her an uptempo hit.
  6. Yeah it’s a hit to my ears too. Too bad she played it way too safe with the video and didnt want to promote it.
  7. I would have loved to have seen Adele do a diverse pop, country, folk album with some darker electro songs - teaming up with some interesting songwriters (interesting to me) Id love her to have writen with Karen from Alishas Attic, Emily from Indigo Girls and Stannard and Rowe (Spice Girls writers). I think she could have made the album of her career. 30 feels lazy and a bit tired. She could literally work with anyone.
  8. "Easy on Me" wasn't for me so I never bothered with 30, but I was obsessed with "Oh My God" because it sounded like something off Disclosure's Caracal album. I loved the video too.
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  9. Right... but I am an actual living person out in the world and I heard the song ad nauseam sis so I don't need to read it in paid publicity to think it was a hit song.
  10. It was everywhere, but I don’t think it connected as much and failed to sell the album (for Adele’s standards). Honestly, the subject matter isn’t as universal as Someone Like You or Hello.
  11. What kind of gym plays ballads?!

    That is evil
  12. I’d say Easy On Me sits comfortably next to her signature songs and will be treated similarly. The album had less impact compared to both 21 and 25, but the single did it’s job.
  13. SBK


    I feel like once Vegas went off the rails the entire album campaign went with it.
  14. Also, it was a TikTok hit. There was that weird mashup with Locked Out Of Heaven everyone was using to show endless photos and clips from how their 2021 went.

    I thought it was a bit of a kii after she made her TikTok comments.
  15. Yeah some of the retcon in this thread is weird. No this wasn’t Hello / 25 but it was still pretty successful despite her best efforts ddd.
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  16. In the aftermath of the release, I heard it everywhere and nearly everyone I was with was singing along to it. Cultural impact is certainly less than Hello but also, culture moves much faster than it did when Hello came out.
  17. This is it. Any revisionism that Easy On Me wasn't ~culturally impactful or whatever is simply nonsense. It smashed for many months and will be remembered.
  18. This post should be time capsuled for people in 10 years time to make sense of it.
  19. Given how rich and powerful and relentlessly successful she is, Adele had no business releasing an album as boring as this. She could have released anything . . . and she released this. It speaks incredibly poorly to her taste.
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  20. Okay but is she even still doing Hyde Park BST at this point? It’s less than a month until the show and she’s been radio silent for months now.
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