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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. I like Oh My God, but I actually prefer Easy On Me over it, even if the former is closer to a bop. Easy On Me accomplishes itself as an emotional ballad that doesn’t sound too treacly, but Oh My God just feels halfway there as an uptempo. I think it lacks a better pre-chorus and bridge to really hit the mark.
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  2. RMK


    There's good elements on Oh My God but months later it feels a bit disjointed.
  3. This is what I’ve been wondering. There hasn’t even been any comment on social media from Hyde Park BST on Adele’s performance or dates since October 2021 (and even that was just to say tickets were on sale).
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  4. I wouldn't be surprised if it's quietly cancelled in a week or so.
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  5. Yeah I’m finding it all very fishy! I’d appreciate it if they’d just come out and say she’s cancelled so I can get my money back.
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  6. Surely she can’t cancel those dates? She will be dragggggged.
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  7. She's no stranger to cancellations or being dragged at this point, what's one more?
  8. My friend was supposed to get tickets off her uncle but we had already decided not to go due to other commitments. He had said he was dubious about it going ahead but messaged today saying it was and the tickets were available. I still don’t understand how there’s been no talk about this at all.
  9. I'm sorry but the floor map for the show is so fucking ugly.

  10. Why go for Diamond view when you can just get Gold circle East???
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  11. I'm guessing because of what it says at the bottom of that image. Viewing directly in front of the stage can only be guaranteed with VIP Diamond view.
  12. I can see them getting cancelled fairly soon. Or she’ll attempt a reboot of the era around the time of the shows. What a mess either way though.
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  13. If she does reboot the era in time for the shows, I wonder what would actually look like. I can't imagine her releasing a deluxe edition of the album. It's all so weird.
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  14. Reflects the overall effort that has been put into this ‘era’, to be honest.
  15. Sam


    AdeleAccess just posted 19 days to go on their story for Hyde Park, so it must be going ahead. Poor Adele!
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  16. Has anyone told Adele?
  17. Goddamnit I was high key hoping they would cancel and I’d get my money back!
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  18. There’s still chance yet!
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  19. I’m still so shocked this is over a fortnight away and there seems to be so buzz or excitement over it. Literally, I keep forgetting I have tickets.
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  20. According to The Scum, so yanno, Caesars Palace has let go of a bunch of theatre staff over the summer which suggest it’s even less likely the shows are going to happen.

    The apparent contempt that both Adele and her team have treated ticket holders with is genuinely astounding. Some people spent a small fortune on tickets to this show and yet the silence is deafening.

    I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if Hyde Park is pulled last minute due to ‘technical issues’ or something similar
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