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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. This "era"... Is there a better definition of "why bother?" ?
  2. It really bothers me that she's so lazy. Throwing out an ok album with minimum promotion, two singles and boring videos then disappearing. It bothers me because she had some enormous highs in her career and she has an incredible voice and she just recycles stuff and vanishes because she knows she will sell either way.

    Ok, I've said it now I'm out.
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  3. Is there any actual reason to believe the Hyde Park shows will be cancelled? They sold out almost immediately so I'm not sure why people expect Adele or the BST team to make a huge effort publicising them. On that score, the work is already done.

    I agree that this has been a pretty half-arsed era all round and mistakes have certainly been made, but some of you are looking for problems that aren't there. Also, the fact that people on this board still read the Sun is a million times more depressing than anything Adele could ever do.
  4. kal


    The veneer of authenticity has really shattered this era, hasn’t it?
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  5. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I think the Adele of old's reputation for turning up, doing the job but remaining silent to the media has been irreversibly damaged by the cancellation of her residency so people are quite right to be paranoid that she's going to do it again. She refuses to engage with social media like other musicians of her stature so she's not offering fans the reassurance that other artists do when they have to cancel shows. Until she delivers a live show, people are right to be suspicious of her silence.
  6. When are the Hyde park shows ?
  7. 1st and 2nd of July, so just under 2 weeks.
  8. There is nothing on the album that can save the era. I think she is over it herself.

    She won’t cancel the gigs. The backlash would be insane.
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  9. Just like how she sold more than 100,000 tickets for a 20+ date vegas residency that is still, if ever, yet to be rescheduled? It’s simply solidified her reputation as an unreliable live act, and rounded off an era that has lacked any form of authenticity by large.

    And ya know, it’s odd to make assumptions of how ‘depressing’ it is that people read The Sun, when the it’s much more likely that the information was contained within a Tweet quoting said publication.
  10. I still like the album ddd.

    But her behavior and ‘no fucks’ attitude has been really…off putting. I’m definitely interested to see where she goes from here.
  11. I very much doubt she will cancel the Hyde Park gigs. There are already so many rumours around why thenVegas gigs were cancelled so cancelling these gigs would really be the final nail in the coffin.

    If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if Adele and her team are relying on these Hyde Park gigs to restore some goodwill back into her career/era. They’re probably hoping enough people will be raving about how good she was that the Vegas fiasco will be seen as a one-off, unfortunate scenario.
  12. Getting a show ready, band, visuals, videos etc for two shows though dd.
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  13. I have to say seeing her included in Grammy AOTY predictions yesterday irritated me for some reason. I think it was a reminder that we're six months out from any type of effort put into this era, with another six months to go until the Grammys and she's still probably a dead cert for a nom and just doesn't deserve it at all. At this point I'm manifesting a snub and I say that with love.
  14. I think they’re banking on her home audience not turning on her and gushing over how good our girl Adele is so they’ll go ahead with the Hyde Park BST show, even if if feels like there’s no effort to promote it and it will just be a thing that she did as part of this era.

    I’ve decided I’m not going anymore anyway for the Friday show. I’ve wasted near to £100 on the ticket that I wish I could get back but I can’t be asked to go.
  15. Have you considered selling them babe if you can? You might just make someone else's day.
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  16. I’ve tried via ticketmaster and the option to sell isn’t available sadly. I’ve asked around at work and among mates and mates’ parents and no one is interested! You know things are bad when even boomers don’t wanna see Adele.
  17. I think some people will always be disappointed if they’re expecting her to deliver big and lasting promotion for her album campaigns. She has never done it (except for 19 but she had no choice as a newcomer). Hasn’t she said herself that she enjoys creating the music and putting it out, but doesn’t like the promotionnal circuit? She’s not a popstar, she is a woman who enjoys releasing music but would rather hide from the public eye than promote it. I was annoyed during the 21 campaign as I thought she was lazy but now that I know that’s how she is, I just enjoy the music for its greatness and don’t care about her “popstar” non-existing dimension. You should do the same (if you like the music of course).
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  18. This would be fine if I thought she even enjoyed making music, by this point. The whole thing seems like such a chore for her that it’s so hard to even invest in the music - especially when it’s pretty unexciting.
  19. What makes you think she doesn’t like making music? I mean she’s in a position where she could retire and would still have enough money for 3 generations, so I think she would not release music if she didn’t want it. If she was doing it for the money, she would invest in make up or perfume, like so many others - at least she focuses on the music.
    I do think she doesn’t like promotion and isn’t super fond of touring neither though. And I might be wrong but I feel like the reason why she’d rather live under a rock is that she is quite easily affected by critics and for her own mental health she found her balance in that way of releasing music, and fair to her if that’s what makes her mentally happy.

    And I’m not saying all that to defend her (as I said I only care about her music), but more as an advice to those who get disappointed campaign after campaign (I was the same!) - don’t expect more from her and if that is causing you distress, move to other music, there are plenty out there!
  20. kal


    Okay but people are actually disappointed because they paid good money to see her live, and she hasn’t even taken any responsibility to confirm whether these shows are still happening when they’re just 2 weeks away.

    Nobody here is asking for a promotional media circus. It’s about having the absolute minimum respect to your fans - you know, the people that actually made you rich and popular.
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