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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. That’s so cute that she’s got Gabrielle, we love it!
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  2. As you can see, these kind of massive production values simply couldn’t be arranged for Vegas in time.

  3. The kii of her being firmly seated in every one of those pics. Yes queen, give us nothing.
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  4. Why is the board on that easel sending me?! I'm picturing her playing Pictionary as she sings.
  5. It’s a list of her promo schedule.
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  6. Rob


    Probably why it looks empty.
  7. [​IMG]

    I Drink Wine
    I'll Be Waiting
    Rumour Has It
    Water Under The Bridge
    One And Only
    Send My Love
    Easy On Me
    All I Ask
    Make You Feel My Love
    Someone Like You
    Oh My God
    Set Fire To The Rain
    Hold On
    Rolling In The Deep
    When We Were Young
    Love Is A Game
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  8. Surprisingly decent setlist.
  9. That's literally her Glastonbury set with minor changes ddd. So lazy.
  10. The absolute dust that got paid to 19, undeserved.
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  11. My Little Love is the only song off 30 I'd be wanting to hear, so she can keep it.
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  12. Excited to see “Oh My God” live, finally.
  13. Oh wait, it's not finished yet apparently ddd.

    EDIT: Nevermind, she just finished with
    Love Is A Game.
  14. Ddd I could hear the whole concert from my flat so I kinda got to enjoy the show from my balcony. It seemed like a good set list!
  15. Just got back from watching the show, and so all this is very fresh...but what a fantastic night. I forget just how powerful her vocals are and how beautiful her lyrics are, especially when they are sung by thousands of people. "Oh My God" was the biggest highlight for packs a punch live.
    Whilst on paper "Love is a Game" might seem like a boring closer, it was perfect. Before she started the song, she confessed that she knew some fans had felt down by how the album was released (she must be lurking on this forum somewhere) and she apologised for that and she said that she needs to learn to get over herself and go and perform more. Tonight, her heart was fully in that performance so I can only hope she goes onto announce more shows.

    P.S. She said that Vegas rescheduled dates is going to be announced very soon...they are waiting for one more demo(?) to be completed and will then announce the dates.
  16. I was thinking the same. ''Chasing Pavements'', or maybe the glorious ''Hometown Glory'' deserve some love.
  17. Not playing Hometown Glory in the city it was written about is a choice. That song feels so perfectly placed within UK culture. It's a timeless classic.
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  18. Make You Feel My Love wasn't in the original setlist (she added it in after Easy on Me or All I Ask because she wanted to squeeze another song in) and she said that she was worried that fans were bored of her singing that song...I'd guess, for the same reason, she didn't include Hometown Glory and Chasing Pavements. Equally, she herself might be bored of singing those songs...
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  19. An unreleased song from 25 leaked.

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  20. The setlist is pretty much perfect.
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