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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Just got back from BST... she is quite incredible. It was my first time seeing her live and she totally blew me away. Hard to pick favourites but Set Fire To The Rain really went off live.
  2. Now would be the perfect time to announce the new Vegas dates.
  3. This is very lovely to see. What a diamond.

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  4. When We Were Young remains one of her best songs.
  5. She was incredible last night. Just incredible.
  6. I adore the staging. Breathtaking.
  7. Sam


    yes but only this version

  8. Wait... she didn't do Can I Get It?

    So it's never gonna be a single, right?
  9. I had some light but reliable tea yesterday that there's UK/EU stadium dates for next summer pencilled in. Presumably a modified version of the Vegas show, whatever the hell that'll look like.
  10. This is a joke, right? Like, we don’t seriously expect this little of her, right?

  11. There's a really cute thread here about where she got the pride flag from.

  12. You mean the woman that performs four times a decade is bored of singing her own songs? Surely not.
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  13. This is cute, but also a little funny, considering her comments about TikTok last year.
  14. Was so excited to see videos of “Oh My God” live but it felt kinda flat? “Water Under The Bridge” is still top 3 from her. What a song.
  15. I felt the exact same! The backing track was way too loud
  16. I love Free Yourself now and was hammering it at work. A few complimented it; soon to be a smash!

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  17. Wrong thread beb!
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  18. Oop!

    It was an unconscious hint for @TeamAdele dd
  19. Vegas is back on.

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