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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Like wading through treacle...
  2. A 9 month hiatus to come back peddling overpriced merch, hyping up a video of her sitting in a pool with a bunch of mixed fruit berocca in? That's camp.

    The entire campaign has been such a mess which is actually quite astounding for someone who was such a musical force only a few years ago. The world has a habit of building people up to knock them down but between the messy roll out, Vegas debacle, and lack of any sort of promotion, it all feels a bit justified. Plus nothing hits the highs of 19, 21 or 25.

    I guess you could say she's musically aging like a cheese rather than a wine.
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  3. I don't think it took that long to film the scenes of her on the pool tube.
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  4. Yes but also…I wouldn’t say she’s been knocked down much. 30 was a pretty big success even if it didn’t have the longevity of the previous albums and it’s only 2 singles were hits. They’re also the only 2 good songs on the album.
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  5. This looks like it came straight out of one of those 3 PM British TV shows where Sharon got to spend the day away from her 2,5 kids and useless husband to get her make up professionally done and pretend she’s a pop star for a day.
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  6. Nearly a year in and My Little Love is still my favorite thing to come out of this era. Voicemails aside, the soundscape is so lush and relaxing, and she sounds beautiful on it.
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  7. That video must have been a slog to sit through and edit and re-edit
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  8. Well she certainly wasn’t gonna stand on it.
  9. Close the thread!
  10. Not this analogy when aged cheese is a delicacy!!
  11. dd this was the joke I was trying to make and it just wasn’t coming to me. Well done.
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  12. I will say that I can understand why Adele thought this video was particularly worthy of attention, but that does not say flattering things about her videography. The "hahaha, it was a set! isn't it mad that I was doing this?!" ending also feels so very Adele.
  13. Years ago she said she doesn't like album reissues... I can't see her get back in the sudio to record 2 or 3 new songs... Has she some shows planned in 2013 ? Maybe this new single is how she's promoting them...
  14. She also said she'd never name another album after her age and yet, 30.
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  15. That was the last time she wanted to do any shows.

    No, I jest. I’m not as down on Adele as the rest of you seem to be.

    It’s funny, her videos are always so well directed and shot, always so carefully edited, but they never have any replay value. I also think she performs really well in them - if she weren’t such a mega-selling artist, I’d tell her to try and do a film to get the creative juices flowing. As it is, I think her presence would just be distracting.

    I like the album, and I’ll maintain there are moments where she’s trying new things and pushing herself, but I do agree with the general sentiment that she’s at a crossroads and doesn’t seem to know where she wants to go. Vegas is not the answer.
  16. That video felt very no one wanted to push Adele to do anything. The complete lack of movement! The way the song worked against the visual narrative! When she was trying to lip sync the end while pushing away the wine glasses I winced in how awkward it was. She really thought her on a floaty drinking wine in a gold dress was so Halloween worthy she would withhold the video for monthsss
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  17. And yet releasing the video 5 days before Halloween when most people would have their costumes figured out dd
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  18. Now I'm picturing her Vegas show to be I Drink Wine live at the Brits x20. Sat on top of a piano wearing the sparkly gown and sprinkling in trivial banter between songs.
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  19. The Love Is A Game erasure is quite astounding.
  20. Love is a Game is a fantastic song and should've been what they pushed over Christmas if they wanted to revive the campaign. Sleeping on Can I Get It was also a mistake.
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