Adele - 30

The I Drink Wine video would've been nice/fine for earlier this year maybe around the time of the Brits. I agree that Love Is a Game is the perfect end of year single and there's so much they could've done for the video. It's practically a cosy movie end credits theme song.

I give up expecting anything though to be honest. Even in this instance where she's made an effort to leave the house it just feels less than the bare minimum to peddle a music video you kept on your hard drive for a year.
I hope floating down a lazy river was her idea of a joke, but it's not even funny. Get up and do something interesting. Show some investment in your own material or retire.
I think both her and the label thought that doing the bare minimum would have worked forever. I think she or somebody working for her even said back during 21 that music videos were not even needed for her singles, as she would sell nonetheless. Set Fire to the Rain had no video, both 21 and 25 had just two. 25 was gonna sell shotloads of copies just by virtue of being the follow up to 21, but you can't rely on this trick forever, especially when every subsequent album since the debut had more and more filler.

She probably doesn't give a shit, she's sorted for life anyway, but her idea of a popstar is laughable.
Considering each album's sales are actually about the perception of the previous album (2nd time I quote this, this week), it will be inch resting to see how the one after 30 will do for sure... I think everyone is pretty disappointed by it (except for Easy on Me and Love Is A Game).

I think here she definitely crossed out the relatable factor™ which brought a lot of goodwill and sales from her image, starting the era with all these celeb filled audiences specials and all.
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So, I get why people have turned on this whole endeavour, but for me it’s just fine. The song has grown on me to the extent I find it fine. The video is fine.

What’s irritating is that she is capable of so much more. She has great taste in music. She knows how to write a good song. She’s given us absolute classics (Hometown Glory, Rolling In The Deep, Someone Like You) and has shone when stepping outside of her usual lane (I Miss You, My Little Love).

And yet.

She always takes the easy road when it comes to her singles, videos, promotion, collaborators… all seemingly in service of chasing the same level of success she had with 21. She’s got enough money for several lifetimes, so why not take a hard swerve into a more interesting sound? If she hates the promotional cycle so much, what better way out than just to focus on your craft? It’s frustrating more than anything.
Queen of sitting down. That video, much like I Drink Wine, was a slog to get through with zero replayability.
Aesthetically it's a lovely looking video and she looks great but the sitting down again... did make me chuckle. I've never warmed to "I Drink Wine" as much as the first two singles (which they got right!). It's a bit overlong and meandering, in addition to the fact it's been peddled so much already, it feels like a bit of an anticlimax. I guess they were waiting for the controversy to die down - and we know how hard it is for Adele to shoot a music video! It's been added to the Radio 1 and Radio 2 playlists this week.

I actually do like the "30" album, "My Little Love" and "Cry Your Heart Out" are two of my faves but I really do think "Love Is A Game" should have been a single and perhaps "Can I Get It".
This is one of a handful of songs from the album I actually like. Sadly the whole album has been a big misfire for her. I really hope when she does eventually come back, she changes her sound. Her voice can work for many different sounds! I get why they (the label) and Adele herself have stuck to what made her big but there comes a time when you just have to move on. We’ll see I suppose.
For some reason I loved the album when I first played it and then I never went back to it ever again. I think Easy On Me will be a classic though.
The "controversy" this era could've been weathered by actually doing her job but she moves like a semi-retired diva in her 70s who will only sing or show up if she absolutely, categorically must and even then you're not guaranteed anything. It's so off-putting.

For example one of the most popular things she ever did as promo was her 2011 Live Lounge. It would've been a no brainer to do something like that for this album which has songs that really lend themselves to that environment. Instead we got two grand audiences with Adele and a half arsed I Drink Wine performance a few months later. Not even an SNL slot where their whole approach allows you to showcase two types of songs? It was all just so lazy.