Adele - 30

People when you arrive in the costume at any Halloween party

The items wouldn't even arrive in time for Halloween, based on the when the video premiered. Should have just sold a Live Laugh Love sign for merch.
Not to mention it was the first video they shot for the album and it’s been ready for over a year, so they literally could have released it at any time and had the ‘costume’ ready to go for Halloween and then they just…didn’t.

I know we hate to throw the word “lazy” around here about female pop stars but I think it’s appropriate in this case.
This Halloween costume thing has to be one of the most baffling things about this campaign. Not only is the "watch the video, wear the costume" thing extremely corny, but also why the hell would anyone want to dress like that for Halloween?
It's giving when Ava Max's label tried to get the instagays to go as her for Halloween with that haircut.
I like the video but the song is so boring to be a single and why in heavens is this video 7 minutes long?

EDIT: Holy crap the actual song is 6 minutes long? Why?
It’s a bit harsh I’m not a fan at all but nerves can’t be helped but good buddy James Corden was the gross part.