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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. I think an Adele ft Calvin Harris will probably happen one day.
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  2. Imagine if this had came during the peak of digital sales? #1 all over the world, 20m copies sold etc..
  3. Calvin can pull in those streams though, and Adele the sales... match made
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  4. I need an entire album from her in the vein of I Miss You and River Lea. I actually enjoyed 25 quite a bit but those were definitely the two most interesting moments.
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  5. More Rolling In The Deep, Set Fire To The Rain, I Miss You and River Lee please.

    Lock her in the studio with Danger Mouse till they come up with something as amazing as Norah’s “Miriam”
  6. No, no more sad overwrought Adele. Gimme Send My Loves.
  7. Send My Love is one of, if not her worst single. Completely irritating.
  8. Just imagine.
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    Not as irritating as your posts but ok.
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  10. This would be insulting if that wasn't your avatar. Go back to your K-pop thread or whatever it is that you do.
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  11. I’d love her to do something in the vein of Kelly Clarkson’s Meaning of Life album. Failing that, 12 tracks that borrow from Water Under The Bridge is fine with me.
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  13. I love this *insult* as it is usually my most frequent compliment! Also probably my favorite thing about my face other than my jawline. Truce?
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  14. But its what she does best?!

    I really wish she'd stay away from Ryan Tedder, Bruno Mars and Max Martin on the next album. She needs to continue writing with Paul Epworth, Danger Mouse and Eg White and ditch the rest. She should enlist Paul Epworth, Danger Mouse, Greg Kurstin to produce to album (and maybe have Mark Ronson executive produce the whole thing). I'll bet that the end result would be a solid collection of brilliant pieces of music.

    If only... etc.,
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  15. Not really here for Adele but I loved "River Lea" from the last album.
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  16. Oh wow, taste

    My two favourite songs from 25!
  17. Not that they can even manage to finish their own, but just give Clean Bandit a call to do the entire album.
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  19. I remember she did an interview, whilst promoting 25, where she said she doesn't want to do an album that's considered "sad" for the next one.

    She said something like "I think people would respond to it like "I've had enough now, cheer up!""

    Queen knows what she's got to do.
  20. i work at a gay bar/club in berlin. there are quit a lot remixes of her on heavy rotation. cant find the most of them online but its in this vein and everyone loves it:

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