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This would be insulting if that wasn't your avatar. Go back to your K-pop thread or whatever it is that you do.


No, no more sad overwrought Adele.
But its what she does best?!

I really wish she'd stay away from Ryan Tedder, Bruno Mars and Max Martin on the next album. She needs to continue writing with Paul Epworth, Danger Mouse and Eg White and ditch the rest. She should enlist Paul Epworth, Danger Mouse, Greg Kurstin to produce to album (and maybe have Mark Ronson executive produce the whole thing). I'll bet that the end result would be a solid collection of brilliant pieces of music.

If only... etc.,
Columbia Records is considered the jewel in the crown of Sony Music. Adele is the jewel in Columbia’s crown, but she’s only now starting to think about a new record for next year. In baseball terms, Columbia has no bench of artists to go to while waiting for Beyonce to come up with a surprise release, or Adele to finish, or Springsteen to wrap up his Broadway stint. (A CD from the Boss’s show should come at Christmas, so that will help.)
I remember she did an interview, whilst promoting 25, where she said she doesn't want to do an album that's considered "sad" for the next one.

She said something like "I think people would respond to it like "I've had enough now, cheer up!""

Queen knows what she's got to do.