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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Here I thought the VMAs were going to be tonight’s biggest trainwreck.
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  2. 2020 is one HELL of a ride!
  3. I hate that i'm laughing so hard. WHAT was she THINKING?!

  4. The outfit, the hair, the unsure expression on her face...
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  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Black Twitter is roasting the hell out of her, ddd.
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  6. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I mean... it was Notting Hill Carnival day yesterday, so yeah, she was almost certainly leaning in to the “celebrating Jamaica” vibe that the whole event has (and it low-key feels like “my Jamaican friends invited me and thought it would be fun to help me do my hair and outfit”). I’m amazed she didn’t see how that would come across, though.

    One of the narratives emerging on Black Twitter at the moment is that actual Jamaicans aren’t complaining about cultural appropriation due to the context. I wonder how true that is...
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  7. Omg
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  8. I've not seen a single Jamaican complaining. It's all American's offended on their behalf.
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  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    My two cents as a POC:
    When a white person is invited by POC into a POC space (like Notting Hill Carnival or Diwali or Holi or Chinese New Year) they’re often actively invited to embrace it fully, including in what they wear. I’m of Indian origin and I have seen TONS of times when white people have been invited to Indian festivals and actively encouraged to wear saris and kurtas (and often helped to put them on by actual Indians). That’s not appropriation because they’re being actively invited to participate and are in a space created by and populated by the culture that they are allegedly “appropriating”. Notting Hill Carnival is to black Caribbean communities in London what Pride is to the LGBT+ community, more or less. It’s very much a black space.

    If Adele had darkened her skin and worn this outfit to promote a single or an album, it would absolutely be cultural appropriation because she would then be taking an oppressed culture and using it in mainstream (read: white-dominated) culture for clout and financial gain... but she’s not doing that here. The fact that a lot of people can’t tell the difference is a huge part of the problem.
  10. The amount of reposts on my Stories because ‘She’s skinny!!’....
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  11. Ddd I low-key think that a lot of the twitter “jokes”, poking fun at racial stereotypes, are a lot more ill-thought-out and offensive than the outfit she’s wearing...
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  12. ALL OF THIS^^^

    Can't imagine anyone at actual Notting Hill Carnival being offended if she'd turned up dressed in this way. Still an odd thing to post and looks completely photoshopped but not remotely offensive, unless you're trying REALLY hard to be so.
  13. BTG


    The Twitter gays are really relishing the opportunity to get all their patois jokes out of their system, huh?
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  14. Thank you so much for this, I was certain she wasn't tone deaf but wasn't sure on how to articulate my thoughts. I guess the cancel culture warriors may have to wait a bitsy now.
  15. Thanks for articulating this far better than I ever could have.
  16. X Æ A-12 better come get ha father before he breaks a hip
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  17. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I just wish people would actually think about what cultural appropriation is and why it’s so damaging.

    Why is it problematic when Ariana darkens her skin? Because doing so makes her appear more “urban” and more “marketable” and allows her to dodge the appearance of being a white woman in a heavily R&B-influenced style of music without actually having to be black.

    Why is it cultural appropriation when Gwen Stefani wears a Native American headdress or a bindi in a music video? Because she wears them as costumes with no context or acknowledgement of their history, for the sole purpose of making her public image seem more “exotic” or “interesting”. Cultural appropriation is a very real and damaging thing because it allows white people to treat POC cultures as a quaint little trinket that can be used for clout to make them the centre of attention, but can also be made fun of when POC exhibit those characteristics themselves.

    Notting Hill Carnival is specifically a celebration of black Caribbean culture, and Adele isn’t dressing like that to stand out. She’s dressing like that to fit in. Her clothing and hair isn’t shorn of its context and history when she is literally surrounded by the people who created that culture.

    Does that mean she can randomly upload a selfie tomorrow with her hair in Bantu knots as a cool new hairstyle? No, because then she’s just taking something that means a lot to a culture and making it a trinket that she can use outside of that culture. But if she’s in a huge group of people who are actually from that culture and she is trying to be part of what they’re doing (and it’s not a space that is expressly meant to exclude white people) then she’s not pulling it out of its context and appropriating it.

    If Jamaican people are objecting to this then I’m 100% willing to listen and learn, but if if it’s just a bunch of randoms who have no sense of Caribbean culture or of what the carnival signifies, then I’m not interested.
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  18. Yeah, all the criticism I'm seeing seems to be from Americans who have no concept at all of what the Notting Hill Carnival is. You've explained it really well.
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  19. *whispers* I think most black Americans from what I've seen aren't """"offended""" but are simply just having a laugh at her and roasting her for appearing out of her element and a bit corny like Drake has been similarly roasted but with the added humor of her sometimes over-zealous adoration for Beyonce, which is why most of the reactions are memes and not scholarly analysis, which makes the sharp reactionary turn and tone of the last few posts about """cancel culture""" kind of weird. I really think most people just want to have a laugh!
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