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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. I’m so ready but equally shitting myself for the absolute chaos on this forum, as a whole, over the next three weeks!
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    If the GP are as fickle as to make Katy flop because of a haircut, I think Adele's transformation could play against her, but that's why the SNL slot is quite a good call.
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  3. I'm here for the promo and the press and any interviews she might give (I feel the last round came down to 'I shop at Waitrose now lol' so I'm curious. The music I'll hear by osmosis, I'm sure.
  4. Boiling Katy's flop down to a haircut is a massive oversimplification. Also... she was never even close to being on Adele's level in terms of mass appeal. That said, you're not wrong that the GP is incredibly fickle (particularly with female artists, since we all know men can release shit albums for 400 years and still get praise) and it's hard to say how people will react to new music from Adele at this point. I think it's safe to assume that the first week numbers for both the lead single + album will be huge regardless, but it's impossible to say if she'll be able to match the success of the last few eras.
  5. All questions are going to be around her weight loss.
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  6. I would truly hope her weight loss isn’t a factor to her career, otherwise society truly is trash.

    I’m more worried about the British GP supporting her the same because one of the things that made her so popular was her relatability. A Tottenham girl who done good.

    She’s been living a very Hollywood life, the past couple of years, and the British GP can be a bloody fickle bunch.
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  7. It sort of feels a bit.. redundant? talking about things like chart positions and flopping in regards to Adele. It feels like she's completely transcended those kind of yardsticks. I can't really remember a popstar in my lifetime that exists in a space like that: she doesn't need to be relevant because her fanbase is so diverse, she doesn't need to be competing with these other girls because she's always done her own thing, she never needs to work again if she doesn't want to, and she's not at the mercy of a major label.

    She could fart into a bucket and upload it to Spotify and still be selling out arenas when she's 65 on the strength of her catalogue already. That's legend shit.
  8. Sam


    I wonder how far into the era she'll get before she ruins her voice this time
  9. Now sis...
  10. How sure are we that new music is actually coming soon?
  11. We're not, and wasn't it this time last year we were checking every new music Friday for a surprise release.
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  12. Very sure.
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  13. I'm glad someone here gets this, some of the other posts in this thread are giving me a migraine.

    We still don't know for sure if new music is imminent, but it's hard to imagine she'd do something as high profile as SNL otherwise.
  14. Sam


    Yes but this time last year we didn't have a confirmed television appearance heavily rumoured to kickstart the era.
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  15. This time last year she wasn’t scheduled to host a huge American TV show.

    As I’ve said before, this is Adele. She doesn’t love fame. She wouldn’t be putting herself out there if there wasn’t something on the horizon, so it seems almost certain her fourth album is very near.
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  16. Well we were talking about initial impact and artists that could potentially out-sell Adele if they were to go up against her so yes I did some comparisons on first day sales and Eddy boy doesn't come close.
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  17. This thread is literally
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  18. Can't wait to finally hear this.
  19. Devil His Dues
    Devil His Dues
    Every single one of us
    Devil His Dues
  20. I’m pretty sure TAFKA Zeena LaVey is the only person even remotely competing with Adele these days and 25 still smothered her dndjjsksk.

    I’m kinda over the spectacle of Adele. Provide music that’s interesting and we’ll see but if it’s going to be like last time then whatever. I have the gut feeling that this era will undoubtedly be huge but it won’t be the blockbuster that 25 was.
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