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Adele - 30

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Yeah they lean heavy on the hits to draw in the tourists.

    She may still be allowed to tour other regions like Celine so I wouldn’t worry just yet.
  2. Britney was able to tour Asia while Vegas was happening and toured Europe after it ended. I’m not privy to the contracts, but it does make sense that she’d probably only be exclusive to North America.
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  3. What is the source for this?
  4. It’s posted on the last page - a guy who works in Vegas and has been correct with many other residencies.
  5. A residency is a logical move for her considering she basically destroyed her vocal cords each of the last two times that she toured and had to cut them both short. This will presumably let her do a more limited run of dates and allow for plenty of rest in between shows rather than having to immediately jet off to the next city.
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  6. Are we really sure about this residency ?
    Katy Perry: from Dec 29 to Jan 15 and from March 2 to March 19
    Celine Dion: from Jan 19 to Feb 5 (except: Jan 20, 23, 24, 27, 30 and 31.)
    Not much room for Adele on January...
    Dates are from the official site of the resort hotel
    Edit: some Luke Bryan ( I don't really know who is this) will start on Feb 11 to 26.
    Carrie Underwood will continue her residency March 23 to April 2.
    It looks like there's not room for Adele at least till April 6.
  7. The dates are perhaps off but if he’s saying it’s Adele then it is. He’s legit.

    For example Gaga:

    VitalVegas posted it was a done deal on 18/12/17:

    It was confirmed almost 9 months later on 07/08/18:
  8. I’m not saying it’s not Adele!I’m just saying that it’s hardly Jan, or Feb, or March, according to the official schedule on the site.
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  9. You replied saying ‘Are we really sure about this residency’ so just wanted to post my sources that he is legit. My bad if I picked you up wrong!
  10. Album in October or November (obvz before the holiday season) and then residency in 2022 sounds great. It actually does feel like the perfect move for her. Theater settings where she can do her banter, preserve her voice without the rigor of travel, and make people come to her.
  11. Would be kinda disappointing if her only live shows for the foreseeable future are in the US, with nothing in the UK…
  12. I Miss You, Water Under The Bridge, Rumour Has It and Sweetest Devotion were all absolute highlights of her last tour so it would be such a shame if any of them didn't make the cut. Given that she's so heavily an album artist, I can see a lot of the crowd knowing most of the material anyway.
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  13. ^Exactly, that would be super disappointing and wrong, the US is not the world.
  14. I just want a new album, I don‘t care about the residency.
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  15. She could still come to London and do like 10 shows at the O2 if she wants to limit travel.
  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

  17. STEP on my neck with that and those heels, queen! Then tear me apart emotionally by releasing a long due break-up album.
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  18. Suddenly Adele releasing on the same day as ABBA seems legit...
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