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Adele - 4th Album (2019)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. My ultimate Adele song will always be Rolling in the Deep but a close second is Cold Shoulder. I would love if she did more stuff like that on the new album. However, I think that will be unlikely as she usually pays that song dust.
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  2. *cough* RUMOUR HAS IT *cough*
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  3. But rate winner Water Under The Bridge though!
  4. I re-listened to her entire catalogue yesterday. I've gotta say, I really want Jim Abbiss to push her down the indie-rock path once again. "Painting Pictures" is all kinds of amazing! It's like some long lost Arctic Monkeys/Kasabian song with Adele's vocals on top. And it suited her REALLY well! I will gladly take more songs like this one too. I can't believe "Painting Pictures" ended up as some random bonus track.

    I also remember Adele covering some indie rock band's song during the 19 era. I don't remember the name of the song or the band, but I remember thinking it suited her well.
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  6. I just want Adele to do music videos for all her future single releases. Not doing one for When We Were Young and Water Under the Bridge when they both could have smashed and hit the top 10 and maybe even #1 was ridiculous.
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  7. She had already sold 20m copies, the good sis wasn’t going to waste her own time for a cute little hit when she already has classics to her name.
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  8. Many Shades of Black?

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  9. [​IMG]

    I am so confused. Is this Adele between Troye and Katy?
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  10. Charli... XCX...
  11. Oh my god
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  12. It’s the dance pop Adele.
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  13. Jo Calderone looks great at the end too.
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  14. Water Under The Bridge was a classic in waiting!!
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  15. You're a member from 2006 and you post this?

    Are you hacked or just trolling?
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  16. You want a new Adele pic with a popstar?


    Last Night
  17. Maybe my favourite post of 2019 so far.
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  18. It wasn't even funny.
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  19. In fact, I've been a member since 2003. I was there when it all started and lived through all three incarnations of this forum. Doesn't prevent me from having brain fog, though.

    It wasnt supposed to be, so that is that.
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  20. 2014

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