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Adele - 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. I’d love this!
    Adele, I think unfortunately could make this shift, but still keep her legend status too much like Beyonce once she stopped hit chasing (if you could call it that)
  2. Obviously it’s mostly about the music but it’s just fun to see her fully dominate the music industry when she pops up every few years, and I’m sure she likes it too.
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  3. Yeah she would suit their current style of music I recon!
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  4. I’ve always equated Sam Smiths music to Adele’s on some level and I agree a genre tweak would be fun.
  5. She's had upbeat hits before. Rolling In the Deep, Rumour Has It, and Send My Love are all fairly upbeat pop songs. I do agree something like How Do You Sleep is tailor made for her. And I do think we'll get something a little different because it seems like she's feeling a little different. I think single Adele will be more ready to party this time around than she was on 21.
  6. Water Under the Bridge is still THAT song though isn’t it?
  7. Just give us the handbag house album we're all thirsting for. Fuck the locals.

    I would love if she came back with a new sound, new look and "I'm single and ready to dance" narrative.
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  8. The thought of Adele doing nu disco/house makes me salivate. It would be great if she does it.

    My favorites song by her are Rolling in the Deep and Water under the Bridge.
  9. I guess I could post this on pretty much every thread on this forum but the response to this movement by everyone in the entertainment industry has been absolutely astounding. It’s provided a powerful sense of unity in what is an exceptionally disturbing and frightening time. It’s times like this where I’m proud to call myself a fan of some of these artists.
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  10. Recent interview with her manager:
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  12. Two popstars, both alike in dignity and refusal to release music, in fair UAE where we lay our scene...
  13. Screaming! I love her.

  14. She is apparently working with Raphael Saadiq and John Legend on the new album.

    A 'source' says she has "been a fan of Raphael since she was a teenager and loves his back catalogue,” and that “she wants her next album to be full of soul, with a more eclectic sound.” She is also said to be “pouring her heart and soul into this record, including how she feels post-divorce.”
  15. I’m ready to cry. Come through.

    Although ‘how she feels post-divorce’ seems to be... pretty fucking happy.
  16. Big fan of him too. Whew. This could be potentially great.
  17. Wow, Raphael is responsible for Lucy Pearl's Don't Mess with My Man and Solange's Cranes in the Sky. Both of those vibes would be amazing for Adele.
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