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Adele - 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. So she’s not been hanging around with an abuser and is suing The Sun of all newspapers too? Absolutely love to see it.
  2. Wew, the twist of it all!

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  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Judge: “Why is an article saying you were hanging out with Chris Brown libellous?”

    Adele: “Where have you FACKIN’ BEEN?”
  4. Nn yas sue Dan Wotton to an inch of his life.

  5. Hello from the other side page
  6. She really said "fuck Dan Wootton, fuck Rupert Murdoch, fuck The Sun and fuck Chris Brown" within the time it takes to fire off a single email to her legal team? Queen behaviour.

  7. Oh god everybody is coming for Q4.
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Except for Rihanna!
  9. She doesn‘t know how to spell music anymore.

    bring it on, Adele!
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  10. A packed Q4 would be great. Does Adele usually make it into the BPG rates @Laura Vanderbooben?
  11. No.
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  12. Exciting!

    Listened to 25 again today. For me the album always fell a little bit flat after Water Under the Bridge. But now I even enjoyed songs like Million Years Ago and All I ask. Highlight for me is still I Miss You.

    Think I'm going to listen to 21 tomorrow to see how that has aged after all these years.
  13. She should though...
    Cockney Hen would probably do better than that year P!nk was included (though always should have been)
  14. I still think she said at her friend's wedding in February the album was coming in December, not September as was reported. Obviously that could change but she may also still be eyeing up that date. It's not like she needs to promote and you'll never hear Adele complain that she can't go on tour.
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  15. That reminds me of when literally everyone wanted a Q4 release, I guess for promo opportunities or whatever ddd.

    I'm thrilled for some new Adele.
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  16. I still think as a whole, 19 is without a doubt her best body of work. Beautiful album.
    21 has some incredible songs but does have filler.
    25, apart from the singles, was such a boring album and actually felt like Adele on autopilot? It was the first time I listened to her songs and thought ‘she can actually do a lot better than this’.

    I’m really intrigued with what she brings next. If it’s another 25, I’m out, but if she mixes things up I’ll be interested.
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  17. Nah she usually gets ignored despite mammoth sales. I mean, Katy Perry has sold 12 copies of her latest album and it’ll likely be in the pop girl rate over Ms. Adkins.
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  18. Guess her Adult Contemporary energy wouldn’t fit. But I asked because of the rumor that the new album would feature a more Pop direction, with Adele teasing (likely jokingly) about going drum n bass at one point. We’ll have to see I guess.
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