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Adele - 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

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  2. I don’t think music is coming judging from her ig post
  3. But it’s the start of the rollout. She won’t be there for nothing I think.
  4. I think it'll probably be a way to re-introduce her given she hasn't made many public appearances since her body transformation and they'd rather get the focus on how she looks out now as opposed to that taking over the dialogue for when music comes.
  5. Oh fuck!
  6. SNL hosting on October 24th, single on october 30th or November 6th. Album first friday in December.
    That's what I hope for.
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  7. She's coming to save 2020
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  8. I guess it would be weird to announce your comeback with an SNL slot.
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  9. I hope the first single is a disco bop. I can dream. Hearing her voice around strings is my dream.
  10. Maybe she wanted to show off he acting skills? Wants to do movie work?
  11. I agree it’s probably just a way to reintroduce herself back into the public sphere. Aside from some Instagram posts going viral (for better or for worse) the wider general public haven’t heard from her much.
  12. Adele really, really wouldn’t bother with making any kind of appearance if it wasn’t to warm people up for a musical return.

    Has she made any kind of appearance since the end of her tour in 2020?
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  13. She used to have scenic panic, might be the reason why she is not performing. I think she finds better to introduce herself this way.
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  14. Do we count her and Jennifer Lawrence getting smashed in the NYC gay club as an 'appearance'?
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    She is one of the biggest celebrities in the world currently. I feel like it's a bigger grab for SNL than Adele herself, but it's heartwarming to read how excited she is.
  16. I highly doubt it but the war zone this place would be if it actually happened.

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  17. Absolutely.

    It’s crazy to think in a world where more is always supposedly more and virtually every other artist has to continuously put themselves out there and extend their brand into a variety of partnerships, Adele vanishes for half a decade and is almost guaranteed another blockbuster era.

    it’s rather refreshing.
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  18. Her "The Kelly Clarkson Show" era is upon us.
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  19. The widespread panic I'm seeing in some threads already!
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  20. Nah, everyone will be like "well let's take Adele out the equation on her 71th week at number 1" and fight over the lesser positions.
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