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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. I’ve never been able to get into SNL. Mad TV it isn’t.
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  2. Wow I’ve already filled every space on my “Popjustice Bitching About SNL” bingo card and I haven’t even watched the episode yet. This must be some kind of record
  3. Homophobic and racist?
  4. RJF


    The sole thing I've taken away from what I've seen is that I forgot in the storm of "Someone Like You" becoming everyone's song just... how much the bridge takes my breath away a bit. Artists spend their entire careers chasing a couplet as absolutely packed with pathos as, "I hate to turn up out of the blue..." and never catch it, while still achieving greatness. The way the middle-eight reuses parts of the melody too is brilliant. It's a nice reminder of when it felt like a quiet and soft thing as to gaudy and trite, like massive hits sometimes end up being.
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  5. Okay but did anyone else find that Africa sketch completely tone deaf and inappropriate? The white women in the background latching on to the black men as if they were some sort of accessory was not it and quite honestly I am shocked Adele signed off on that. She needs to do better.
  6. 52208105-020-B-46-E9-8-B75-DCF5-B6-CCE162.jpg
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  7. I thought the Madame Vivelda sketch was funny. Kate McKinnon can’t do wrong really.
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    “Someone Like You”‘s power has definitely waned over the years, more and more as the GP adopted it as a national anthem, and the performances became designed as huge sentimental moments to rack up the worldwide YouTube views but I’ll never forget hearing it for the first time on that Jools Holland performance.

    It’s so powerful and raw and angry. And maybe the first and only time she performed it without the pressure of the world’s gaze on her. Never bettered.
  9. Me watching anything SNL related:

  10. Anyway I love H.E.R. but I kinda wish Adele had pulled double duty and been the musical guest too. I’m still not entirely sure why she was hosting in the first place, unless I’ve missed something
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  11. The Bachelor skit actually made me laugh. The Africa one wasn't funny itself, but I couldn't help but laugh watching her try not to crack up.
  12. She is coming with music , I think she lies when talking about the album.
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  13. I’d forgotten how much of a moment this was when it randomly appeared in The X Factor ad break.

    Can’t believe it was five years ago.
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  14. I doubt it. They were in 2019 predicting what would happen in 2020...
  15. Side note;

    the hair looks absolutely incred
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  16. Same. The other ones really weren't that funny.
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  17. I remember hearing ‘Someone Like You’ randomly on the radio on some weird station I’d never heard off and loved it and desperately wrote down whatever lyrics I could make out so I could google it because I assumed it was some random indie artist with some obscure song I’d never hear again.

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  18. The singles from 21 were all incredible when I first heard them. I lowkey resent radio for hammering them so much.
  19. 10 years ago next month. She has never bettered this performance. And of course there's an element of rose tinted glasses with it being the first time hearing it etc. but I actually do think the later performances weren't as gritty or something.
  20. Which is a shame because I think it's held up as one of the better ones in that group.
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