I'm thankful I've found this thread last week! For a while, I've been thinking I may have undiagnosed ADHD. One day, I got suggested a video by an ADHD Youtuber and that led me to read more about the symptoms and to go through many more testimonials that echoed my life struggles. Suddenly, a lot of things clicked.

I've always had issues with procrastination. I'm the kind of person who starts a task and quickly puts it in the back burner because tons of other thoughts suddenly came to mind. That piles up and then I feel like I never really get anything done in time. I will hyperfocus on something non-important or non-urgent, accidentally neglecting everything else in the process. Hell, I'm currently looking at close to 100 tabs open on my browser, and it's rare that I manage to cut that down to less than 40. Somehow I can't seem to prioritize, and anything I stumble upon has to require my current attention right now or else I lose my mind.

I've always had trouble keeping in touch with people on a regular basis too. I relate to the "out of sight, out of mind" thing I've seen some people with ADHD experience. That relates to random things too, as multiple times a day I will be looking for something (keys, phone, etc.) I had in my hands just moments prior. When I think about my childhood, most of my elementary and middle school reports mentioned me looking like I was somewhere else or daydreaming. I can't remember being able to listen to a teacher for more than a couple minutes at a time. That worsened in college because being put into classes surrounded by hundreds of students made my anxiety ramp up as well. It's like my brain would shut down instead of retaining information in real time like I want it too?

I've also had this issue when I watch something. Pausing a short YouTube video to start doing an unrelated task out of the blue then coming back to the former and repeating this behavior a couple more times has pretty much been a daily occurence.

I don't know if all of these examples means much in the end, but those are things that have affected me for so long and created more frustration and confusion as the years go by.

So far I brought it up to my therapist, who doesn't have the qualifications to help me in regards to ADHD, and my general practicioner, who wrote a recommendation letter. Both seemed to imply some of my symptoms may be linked to my social anxiety disorder instead, but they encouraged me to see a specialist anyway.

I've been recommanded a couple psychiatrists who are specialized in ADHD. What's taking long is there doesn't seem to be a lot of them in my side of the country so it's likely I may need to look beyond my region and deal with waiting lists. I have other commitments at the moment, but I hope I'll be able to book an appointment or to make some kind of progress before next year.
I think I have ADHD and an NVLD, all my symptoms and signs of ADHD point to it, one of my worst things is that I lose things that I have nearly every goddamn time, I’d need them attached to me, I can’t organise for shit, time management, I don’t know her, I’ve dropped out of 2 courses due to organisational problems and time management issues and I do believe I have ADHD, procrastination is another one too, when I was in college, I always ended up distracting myself on the internet when we were supposed to be doing work, some of the work I liked, but some were so boring, got in trouble a lot of times though for not doing the work and procrastinating, just find it so fucking hard to keep focus and all, wish I could also stop losing things too, also wish I could being so messy in general, my room is so messy with balloons and all (I’ve a balloon fetish), but I’ve started but not finished my room and don’t know what to do in all honesty, I do clean what I can, then I stop and don’t continue, hate it tbh.
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I got put on Concerta last week! Felt like a huge victory since it felt like such an uphill battle getting in prescribed. Anyway, it’s great during the day time but I legit cannot sleep a wink..
This has been such a great thread. I’m logging off the forum indefinitely, but my account is remaining active and I’ve turned on email notifications for my DMs so if anyone ever needs an ear, you know where to find one.

Remember to remind yourselves how far you’ve come with one arm tied behind your back, and how strong a person must be to achieve what you’ve achieved.

Much love.
I had a mental health crisis this weekend and during my assessment at the local hospital, they decided to refer me for an ADHD assessment. It makes sense to me that I might have undiagnosed ADHD since i have a diagnosis of Autism and it’s very common to have both that and ADHD.

Im not expecting a diagnosis anytime soon with waiting times in the UK being appalling long- but it does feel like a step in the right direction.
I got diagnosed in August, but only just started medication this past week. It's been a lot more subtle than I thought it would be in that I can still get distracted but I feel a lot more able to resist it. I suppose I was expecting a sort of tunnel vision focus, and so far it's not been that. I was able to concentrate most of the day yesterday on my work, which is brand new for me. Normally I work in short bursts, and if I were in a situation where I was forced to pay attention for a long time like pair programming sessions or consecutive meetings then I would be completely exhausted by the end of it. Now I'm able to be engaged and my brain doesn't want to collapse afterwards.

Does anyone have advice for managing the crash when the medication wears off in the evening? I will suddenly feel extremely tired even if it's only 9pm, and my social battery totally dies. I've also noticed that I feel I can go harder at the gym but I'm afraid that the medication can mask strains and injuries while it's still active in my system.
I've recently started studying a master's and I've found it equally challenging yet really quite liberating. I've found that actually getting of a bed to take my meds as soon as I wake up, and waking up at the same time each day, has really been beneficial. The course I'm doing is in Playwriting so there's a lot of work but most of it is self directed, which is a blessing and a curse. Also, I forgot how hard it was to sit still and pay attention in a class room for three hours. How did I ever do six in school?
This one really works. I hate wearing shoes at home theaux.

Also, solidarity with my sistren in this thread. I hear you.

I’ve sworn by this for years, I won’t even hang out with friends at home without my shoes on as I mentally tap out! Wild that it’s a universal thing and not just my personal coping mechanism.
Hello, just popping in to share that someone I know has sought a referral for an ADHD diagnosis with Psychiatry UK via Right to Choose and been given a waiting time of six months, which is the shortest wait for NHS-covered diagnosis that I've heard in a while. Wanted to share in case anyone here who's still not diagnosed might benefit.
I keep wondering whether I have ADHD or not, especially ever since I found out my biological mom, half-sister, and nephew all have it. My psychiatrist says I don't and it's my GAD instead, but I keep what iffing.

Also, there is something that's been happening more frequently since the pandemic started - not necessarily related to the pandemic itself, I just noticed it around that time. I'm taking a lot of time to respond to people in simple things like saying yes/no/thank you/good night, etc. For example, my mom says "thank you" to me, I "get" that sentence immediately, but it's like there is a "barrier" that doesn't let me instantly reply, so my response gets "delayed" and I say "you're welcome" like 5 seconds later. Did any of you have to deal with that?
An update: I indeed have ADHD. I started out with medication but I will have to change it in a few days because it was too expensive for me to buy it monthly so fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!
After being put on a waitlist, I finally got a call back from a specialist and I have my first appointment in two weeks. I don't know why I'm this scared because I usually don't feel this way when I see doctors for other issues. Just the thought of having to open myself up about my reasons for seeking help is making imposter syndrome kick in hard. Hopefully it goes well and whatever the outcome, I find answers.
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I got diagnosed today after the lightbulb clicked a couple months ago. I work by myself at home, which makes symptoms even harder to manage and for me to organize myself in the way a self-employed person / business owner needs to. The doctor was very nice and listened to all my doubts and concerns and explained how the different medications work. I got a prescription for Vyvanse!


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Just came across this and.. yup that's me. Makes a whole lot of sense but also: hate it.
Especially cause 'wanting to impress others/live up to expectations' was one of the things that actually used to motivate me and now I'm more focussed on 'okay, but what is it I WANT?' I realize how bad I am at making myself do things 'just because'.
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Just came across this and.. yup that's me. Makes a whole lot of sense but also: hate it.
Especially cause 'wanting to impress others/live up to expectations' was one of the things that actually used to motivate me and now I'm more focussed on 'okay, but what is it I WANT?' I realize how bad I am at making myself do things 'just because'.
This is very interesting, have you got the link to the original article?