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Aerea Negrot - Arabxilla

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by absintheboy, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Been waiting for an album since Blue Songs/All I Wanna Do EP.
  2. It's like Hercules but not sleep inducing! (My limited attention span is cruel to me/"demure" pop records.)
  3. Bonkers album cover, I love it.

    Half way through listening, reminds me a bit of Barbara Panther's debut, mainly because they are both totally oddball. Early favourite is Please Move To...
  4. Ray


    YES YES YES -- my album of the year. Favourites are first three tracks, It's Lover Love (dub), Hair and Listen To The People. And Deutsche Werden. Oh. That's most of the album...
  5. Conclusion is, Please Move To... & Berlin are two of the best songs to follow eachother on any album, ever.
  6. So glad you guys like it! I'd love to see her perform her solo stuff live, but she seems pretty rooted in Berlin (dur!) these days.
  7. She's so Grace Jones (stating the obvious I know).... just played the album, very late night Euro club feel about it.
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