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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Hitori, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Good top 3 actually.
  2. Hmm... I wonder which one it could be.

    2 of my 3 choices made so I'm happy. I have to say I've warmed up to Shampoo thanks to this song survivor. I find I have a love hate relationship with the song, just as I do with f(x)'s Electric Shock. I go through periods of loving it fully and then not being able to stand the sight of it.
  3. ONLY ONE of my choices made it. I'm so, so disappointed that AH and First Love were eliminated. I thought at least AH was a given....
  4. Well only one of the songs I voted for didn't make it so I'm not upset ... especially since those two songs I debated over were of equal amazingness ... I definitely know my vote for what should win out of the three!
  5. I am so happy that AH is finally out. I just can't listen to that song.
  6. Yeh, AH is pretty bad.
  7. Boh


    I expected First Love to go, but so chuffed to see Shampoo there. That song is the entire package. Bekah's last group track. The 1st track wth 9 members (and the only one with all 9 members on the entire 'Virgin' record) And then some.

    I used to group Bang! with songs that reminded me of High School Musical. There was something very disney about it. But, I've grown to love it, especially as it seems to be the song to introduce the last 3 admissions to the group. It's the official admission song! I REALLY WANT TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL IS BEING SAID AT THE START!? Does Bekah frown upon hearing engrish during studio sessions?! Does she hide her laughter?!

    and B.O.Y. It wouldn't be a Top 3 without this track. BraveSound/Brothers/etc best work. Literally. It shits all over anything that Sistar has done. Solid delivery (studio wise. Let's not go near the lives) good distribution based on the roles/seniority at the time (give or take Kahi's huge chunk). The only downside would have to be the recent K-re-recordings. Such an injustice to have Queenyoung fight for Chorus BVs, while main vocal Raina raps twice, in addition to the other solo parts shoved her way.

    Nearing the end, I'm chuffed!
  8. Just a quick update, I'll be beginning the Semi-Final Round either tomorrow or Monday, I'm a little busy at the minute!
  9. [​IMG]
    And so we've arrived at the penultimate round of the AFTERSCHOOL SONG SURVIVOR! With just two rounds left, and three songs in the running, we will be eliminating one more song to bring us into our finale!




    Because of You

    The voting will once again be held through Private Messaging, and all you have to do is send me the votes for the two songs you love the most of the remaining trio, which you want to see progress into the finale.

    Voting will begin now and end the same time next week or until everyone who participated previously votes (whichever comes first)

    Please, choose wisely as we are very near the end of our journey!

  10. Which song has reached the end of the road?




    The Semi Final Round has reached its conclusion, and so, we're just days away from the final showdown. But with that, comes the elimination of one song that is one of the groups most iconic songs and to date, their only crowning glory, Because of You. The votes were EXTREMELY tight this Round and every vote that came in changed the game, but unfortunately B.o.Y just didn't make the cut. But coming in 3rd is an achievement in itself, so it shouldn't be seen as a loss!

    While we all mourn the loss of this iconic song, get ready for the final Round as we reach the conclusion and choose are Winning Song and Popjustice's Ultimate AFTERSCHOOL Song!
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  11. I can't believe Because Of You is out. if BANG wins over Shampoo, I swear!!!
  12. Boh



    Lady Luck is somehow smirking her coloured barrel corner.
  13. "Hello everyone!

    Thank you for joining the After School Song Survivor. I was supposed to have bigger surprises in store, but unfortunately y'all know the mess I did in one of the threads in the main forum. Thank you so much Breaking Heart for continuing the rate. I love you all so much, and I'm just around watching Beauty Bible and practicing Queenyoung's Beauty tips.

    XOXO although I don't like EXO,

    Also, Bang! does not deserve top2.
  14. Really? Bang over Because of you???
  15. Aww, nice message from Hitori. I wish I could do something bigger but I have limited Internet so downloading all their videos and making compilations and loads of other stuff I can't do!

    Anyway, The Finale will commence later today!
  16. [​IMG]

    The Finale is here. A showdown between BANG! and Shampoo. Two of AFTERSCHOOL's most iconic songs together in a war to decide which song is Popjustice's Number 1!

    BANG! was released in 2010 as AFTERSCHOOL's 3rd Single. The song was supposed to appear on the groups second single "Because of You", but was delayed due to the lyricist and composer wanting to make the track more complete. However, it seems the delay was worth it as the song has become one of AFTERSCHOOL's most iconic songs. The song has been used to introduce the three latest admissions on different occasions, and many people see it as the groups signature song.

    Shampoo was released in 2011 as the title track for AFTERSCHOOL's Debut Full Album, Virgin. Produced by Dashi Dance, the song gave a whole new level to AFTERSCHOOL, who had only released strong songs up until this point. Shampoo saw the group become a 9-membered group for the first time and was met with love from fans and general music listeners alike. The video, the song, the performances, all came together to make Shampoo many people's favourite title track of AFTERSCHOOL's career.


    But which will be victorious? Voting is simple; send me a PM of the song you want to win out of the two songs. Voting will continue until sometime next week.

    With the last few rounds being so tight, your votes really count. In the case of a tie, I will personally contact a member who hasn't voted throughout the Song Survivor for their vote.
  17. I LOVE that image you did mixing Bang and Shampoo. Amazing.
  18. 3Xs



    Looks really sharp.
  19. Is Raina the blonde? No one else remotely looks like her.
  20. Boh


    Super LOL at Raina's agape mouth in the Shampoo shot.
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