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After School + Sub-Units

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Well, I bet Nana's doing just fine. She's probably out anyway. Lizzy, who knows. I worry about her and her little birdlegs. She's very charismatic and a decent comedic actress. And hopefully Raina can sell some music since she is one of the most versatile vocalists in KPop.
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  2. The third generation members (OC) have at least paid all their debts. On average, a normal OC single sells at least a million digitally (except My Copycat which was a huge flop by their standards).

    Anyway, RIP Orange Caramel. Bangkok City remains legendary, and this one below is still a guilty pleasure:
  3. [​IMG]

    Guilty, you are!
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  4. I wonder if she'll DJ the reception.... I would pay to see that. Including airfare if Nana helps.
    Look at her go... crank that bpm!
  5. I will never get tired of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want Jungah at Creamfields 2018!
  6. Nana's bday pics on Instagram are giving me life and sadness at the same time.

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  7. What the actual fuck at all of them (including E-Young) all being in the same room????????
  8. Just missing Uee and Lizzy.

    The second picture has a few people I don't recognize. From left to right, it's Dasom, Nana, Cao Lu?, Hara, ?, E-Young, Jungha, Hyomin and Jooyeon.
  9. Uee wasn't there uh. I guess they really do hate each other ddd. Jooyeon looks amazing as always.
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  10. He


    Is that Kahi in the first picture?
  11. That Jung-ah, Nana, and Jooyeon picture just has me messed up.

    I miss them all.
  12. Yes.
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    for Jungah's wedding.

    Not the shoot looking like a comeback teaser. Isn't it weird how everyone seems close to Kaeun but not E-Young? Or perhaps the latter is always missing in action.
  14. Kaeun and Lizzy have had work done, haven’t they?
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  15. I see E-Young is chillin' in New York.
  16. I couldn't recognize Kaeun until @Ceir told me who it was. They all look beautiful and those pictures made me realise I miss them more than I thought... At least give us a proper goodbye single, PLEDIS.
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  17. Personally, I just consider Shine as their goodbye single.
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