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After School + Sub-Units

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. They died Jill.

    * @Sanctuary's metal shade noise*
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  2. So did Nu'est but they came back. At the very least something must be up.
  3. He


    What happened in The Unit?
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  4. Flop is different from dead.
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  5. Yoonjo, a former Hello Venus trainee and a former Pre-School Girl (what trainees for AS were called back then), is one of the winners and she thanked Pledis' CEO in her speech. The CEO has also been liking promos of her on social media. That's just about it.
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  6. He


    Pre-school girls!!

    Dead. That's such an unintentionally inappropriate name.
  7. Kahi is of course a legend but Bekah is still my favourite ever After School member.

    There was just something about her, she just had it for me. She had such an effortless cool factor and her raps were always a highlight in every song. She also killed it on stage too. I remember watching old performances of Diva and she would often even outshine Kahi.
  8. It looks like Kaeun is really in Produce 48 and she supposedly sang Hello by NU'EST.

    Minhyun, Kahi, Pinky and Nayoung are rumored to have watched. The Mnet editing for this one will be epic.
    Winning members will be allowed to promote / debut with their respective groups too so...

    The first and the last member...
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  9. It’s a shame Kaeun will have nothing to return to at Pledis
  10. I can't believe it has already been four years since Dress To Kill was released. Still a masterpiece.

    The music video for Heaven, along with Vista by Fiestar and Lipstick by Orange Caramel, made me fall in love with Kpop.
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    I guess allowing them to promote with their own groups is more in order to not anger the AKB fandom.

    All in all, I think IOI would have been more successful with a longer contract and with more focused comebacks.

    The Mnet edit with the Pledis family will be crazy.
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  12. There she goes.... Wishing her the best. I need a hanky...
    (Courtesy of Nana. One of the four famous people I actually follow on the ig...)
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  13. Wait I thought she was already married dd. So they did the wedding pictorial with the AS members like 4 months in advance?
    Wishing her all the best. The VOICE of After School.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Sis who else? Jooyeon? I mean both Jungah and Raina sound like harpies but at least they have some power and can hold a note. Sometimes.
  16. Raina was technically great but a bit robotic
    Jungah was shaky as fuck but her voice carried a great deal of emotion
    Kahi was nothing more than fine until she tried to sound youthful towards the end of her tenure in the group
  17. Y'all know Mnet will absolutely do the EXTREMES in this situation. The absolute MELTDOWNS this will cause to many hardcore Playgirlz though.
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  18. I will not stand for this lead vocal, lead rapper, lead dancer, lead abs, grand dame, supreme extraordinaire, Kween Kahi erasure!

  19. Jungah's runs on the end of AH...I live.
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  20. Jungah was okay if she didn't try belting. She was REALLY nasal, but bearable.
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