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After School + Sub-Units

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Thing is NU'EST had one member in and two almost making Wanna One. Kaeun is on her own, and we know Korea is not the most loyal with women, except when it comes to empress IU.
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  2. #6 Yabuki Nako:
    Speciality: Fast hair braiding!

    She should have made it further!!
  3. More talented than Chaeyeon and Sohye from the other season to be honest.
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    I mean, Sohye and Chaeyeon are already more capable than that child they gave number 1 to, and that other one that always looks scared and used her friendship with the Japanese girl for votes.
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  5. Scream! I don't know her but from what you said she deserves her place. Strategic queen etc.
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    She was quite smart, that is true.

    But ugh, she is even more lifeless than the number 1 girl.

    She was one of the rappers in the Boombayah performance... yes, that one.
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  7. Wait the one that looked like IU?
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    Does she?
    I mean Kang Hyewon.
  9. No I don't know this one, kii. I was talking about the Boombayah center.
  10. Kaeun’s just too good and talented to just disappear into the kpop pipeline. She seems like such a nice and genuine person too. Seeing her different ranks in that video on the previous page is so frustrating. I wonder why she didn’t connect with the voting audience in the end.
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    Mnet didn’t really give her much attention beyond the first couple of episodes when her story was really put out there.

    The rest was just bits and pieces, and usually not in the most positive light, but they either got complacent or didn’t care much.
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  12. Hyewon is useless.
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  13. To be honest, having Kaeun in a group with a 14-year-old would have been super weird. She deserves so much better.
  14. So whatever happened to Lizzy? She was fun and had sass!
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  15. Man! so I wasn't following up produce 48, so I went to watch what you guys were saying about Kaeun, if she was really any good and stuff. And damn I am so impressed with her, she is flawless! and her English seems really good too besides her abilities with Japanese. Now after watching her journey on the show I feel so disappointed that she didn't make it! Didn't watch the other trainees though, I just watched some performances from Sakura, but in my opinion, Kaeun is so much better than that girl!
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  16. Now known at Park Soo-ah, for some reason. I miss her. And Nana (who is doing just fine).
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