After School + Sub-Units

Reading that Uie fell out with the other members because she was bitter that Nana overtook her as the it girl of the group. I–
Wait!! are they back together for good??
I love to see Bakah, Junh-ah, Kahi and Jopal together!!

Sadly no but it was a great reunion.

Both performances were great. You wouldn't think they'd disbanded or not performed these routines for years. It could have only been made better by Nana participating but i'm satisfied either way. The five make a nice unit.

I just learnt that JungAh is 5 months pregnant during those performances wow!
Where is this literature?
Who said that?! interesting narrative but i consider UEE more of an original member and just as bankable as NaNa during their heyday. I don’t see why she’d be that insecure.
I’m seeing it on both reddit and YouTube comments. It’s probably not true but it’s weird how Uie has pretty much has had no public interaction with any of the members.
I’m glad we are getting all this social media footage now. Could you imagine back in the day with Orange Caramel? Or First Love promotions? Ugh.

This UEE “situation” got me thinking of how the band originally formed. Wasn’t Kahi instrumental in handpicking the girls? Kahi recently mentioned how she first met a 16/17 year old Bekah in Hawaii. Presumably at a scouting event.
I’m reading gossip that Kahi didn’t have much say in picking UEE, Eyoung and Kaeun.