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Agnes - General Amazingness Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MrAdamR, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Wow these are absolutely stunning! Ready to Stan again!
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  2. what a time to be alive

    sis i didn't know you had an account here!!!!!!
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  3. I Trance is stunning.
  4. She and her husband definitely have a look about them now!

  5. Great to have Agnes back! I listened to Limelight first and liked it a lot. It feels like a classic Agnes song, updated. Her voice is so so good!

    Then I listened to I Trance and... what a song! Not the kind of music I normally listen to but it sounds amazing! A brave move for her and I can't wait to hear more from her now.
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  6. I am blown away. Why did someone not @ me?! This is PERFECTION.
  7. I'm not sure why more people aren't talking about how completely shit-hot Limelight is honestly. I love pop (or house in this case) which fully commits to being a huge banger and never lets up. She's serving real diva vocals too.
  8. I Trance is the song of the summer so far. I adore dance music like this that is both seductive and sensual.
    Really hope there will be a music video for it!
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    'RHYYYTHM, rhythm is my remedy' is a capital MOMENT - Limelight just won't let up for me.
  10. I Trance pops all the way off!

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  11. About ITrance - I can honestly say I haven’t been this obsessed with a song since Dancing on my own ! Even after endless listening it remains amazing
  12. Both songs are brilliant, but there’s something mesmerising about I Trance I keep coming back to.
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  13. I imagine I Trance being played on the dance floor while the world comes to an end. It has such an apocalyptic feeling to it.
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  14. So both of these songs are brilliant in their own right but I Trance is the best song of the year so far. The vocals, the breakdown, the la la las all of it just goes so damn hard and doesn't let up. I want a 10 minute mix, I want it to go off at 3am in a club. I want to get my life in some random edgy Swedish bar to it.
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  15. There are also two other parts of that video. Here’s part II. Released four days ago, been watched 890 times.

    And here’s part III. 907 views.

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  16. I'm hoping those are just a dance visual and there's an actual proper video, though I'm doubtful.

    I've played this song at all my gay pride gigs this week, and I can honestly say its the first time in years I've played something and had numerous messages on instagram asking what the song is. If this was played right, and I really wouldn't know how - she'd have a European hit on her hands. Its probably the most impactful track I've played in years...
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  17. How is it doing charts wise so far ? I want to hear this everywhere during the summer , it so should be huge !!
  18. Sam


    I’m fucking obsessed with I Trance. Holy fuck
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