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Agnes - General BOPPINESS Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MrAdamR, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. All tea no shade, but this is exactly the genre and quality that Kylie should strive for on Disco but that she won't meet.
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  2. MB


    This is exactly what I said. Imagine how huge this would’ve been if it was kylie.
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  3. Let this album be full of this and Good Life. I will be FULL!
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  4. It would have peaked at #84 dd. I prefer Agnes' voice surely, but the sound it the one.
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  5. MB


    Oh don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want kylie doing this. I heart Agnes too much but I agree with what you said, this is how you do disco.
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  6. The entire soundscape for this album is just absolutely perfect for her. It takes all the ements of her biggest songs and has managed to adjust them tastefully to make them sound current. She really is pop perfection and it's a crime she isn't getting more recognition.
  7. Agnes is simply lovely. I wish US iTunes had the single versus just the immaculate music video but beggars and all that.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Nothing Can Compare would've been more of a dream Kylie song BUT it's whatever because Agnes has the bops in the first place so she stays winning xx
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  9. Limelight, I Trance, Nothing Can Compare, Goodlife, and now Fingers Crossed.

    Her run of singles right now is flawless.
  10. Do we know that an album's coming?
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  11. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    It's been 84 years but I finally looked up the Veritas bonus tracks (I had no idea they were on Spotify) and "Heart Rate" is magical. "Unforgiven" is good but I get why it was just a bonus, but "Heart Rate" is a top-tier bop. I love how airy and angelic she sounds on the chorus.
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  12. It will be out early next year.
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  13. I only know one song from her and Amazing is amazing.
  14. Well honey, you'd better walk out of here and start doing your research because her list of bangers goes on & on and once you start living the goodlife with the self-appointed Swedish pope of pop, you'll open up your eyes, look into the sun and realise nothing else matters. Until then you're in Popjustice jail, without human touch, screaming "release me!", but I'm afraid you're unforgiven. Fingers crossed for your sinful soul.
  15. Amazing.
  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Tea x
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  17. Finger Crossed is flawless! The video... Disco cult awesomness? Whatever. Take me to your leader!
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  18. An interview (in Swedish):

    Key points:

    - Album coming next year, the process needs to be long since she's been gone so long.
    - She's in executive charge of everything via her own label.
    - It's all inspired by disco queens like Sylvester, Diana Ross and Donna Summer. And some cosmic philosophy and telepathy.
    - "We've had in mind writing these songs, how do we write the melody or arrange the strings so that it feels like you're on the top of a mountain and the wind is blowing through your hair."

    And that quote is how amazing music is created.
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  19. K94


    What will our wigs do if all of these songs are on one album? She's such a reliable pop goddess and the catholic imagery is really working for her. I'm here for it all.
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  20. Putting all the songs she’s put out in the last 6 months in one playlist makes a better album than Chromatica, Smile , and literally anything else out there .. and this from someone who likes Smile and parts of Chromatica.. but the run from I trance to Fingers crossed is just perfection
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