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Agnes - Magic Still Exists (New Album 2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Kyle., Aug 20, 2020.

  1. Just when I thought I couldn't stan any harder.
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  2. [​IMG]
  3. Drop the pre-order, Aggy!
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  4. I was about to be mad at this being basically a 7-track EP, but I just don’t care because it’s going to be excellent.
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  5. She said it was 8 songs and 4 interludes like a week ago so I’m really wondering what happened to that. Maybe a vinyl exclusive bonus track?
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  6. It’s interesting that they cut 24 Hours down, but I’m glad to see some long tracks. I do wish we had a couple more though - losing another track puts us at seven which just isn’t enough when she’s delivering so much. But maybe we’ll get more EPs or a deluxe version.

    Also, the cover is from the same photo set as 24 Hours and Here Comes The Night.
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  7. I’m still hoping for a deluxe edition with the “Nothing Can Compare” EP as disc 2. Looking forward to the album and hoping she didn’t cut too much from “24 Hours”.
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  8. Any word on a vinyl pressing?
  9. Where did you see the cover art? There is what I assumed to be a placeholder that has been floating around since 24 hours was released. Just reads “Agnes” in black text.
  10. The cover info is from BlackoutZone on ATRL who gave us the album info and track lengths. Orange background and text.
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  11. Any word on any physical form?
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  12. Only the words of prayers chanted by the gays™.
  13. Can we cyber bully encourage her into releasing it on CD like we did Annie last year for Dark Hearts?
  14. I’m talking out of nothing here, but could the album possibly be a gapless play? The interludes and 24 Hours being cut down has me suspicious - it could just be that the silence (or near silence) at the end of 24 Hours has been shaved off to allow it to flow seamlessly into the following interlude.

    This is totally unnecessary detective work but it’s a slow Sunday morning here.
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  15. I'm manifesting an extended edition with the album, Goodlife and the EP all fitting nicely in one CD. Allow me to give you money queen!!!
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  16. Do we know if there's a CD?
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  18. Actual goosebumps watching that video.

    Though, I will say that I'm not a big fan of the artwork. I'll probably just end up using one of the promotional shots.

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  19. I think I would have preferred a red background but the whole package is so striking and ballsy I'm... yes mama show that steel thigh and step on my neck.
  20. I think I would have preferred the Here Comes The Night cover as the album cover.

    Maybe if there is enough demand she will eventually offer a vinyl after it’s release *fingers crossed*
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