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Agnes - Magic Still Exists

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Kyle., Aug 20, 2020.

  1. I Trance is still my favourite song of hers post-Veritas but 24 Hours is absolutely perfect! Currently addicted to it. Very happy to know that an album is coming.
  2. On an Agnes binge now and WHEN was the bop version of “Big Blue Wall” made unplayable on Spotify UK. I’m mad.

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  3. Agnes has made me effortlessly excited about music at a time when few artists have.

    I remember listening to Limelight and not feeling it. Then listening to I Trance and feeling similarly - but it stuck in my head and I couldn’t stop singing it. So I revisited and haven’t really looked back since.

    Every song has been such a thrill. I love the visuals, I love the incorporation of strings, I love how the music flys in the face of any done-to-death recent trend.

    I’ve had to try so hard to like a lot of recent releases from my faves - it’s such a pleasure how instant all of this is.
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  4. well this has now eclipsed any Eurovision or weekend playlists and has become a major obsession.. also , it strangely feels like a sequel to Gimme Gimme Gimme, can't put my finger on it but it makes it even more perfect
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  5. She kinda uses the first few milliseconds of a Gimme Gimme Gimme sample. Very smart as using it again would be boring.
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  6. Wal... king... through the fire, all because of you
    I found that something to believe in

    Me... my... self and I, all because of you
    I found that something to believe in
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  7. ok that’s why .. I hadn’t heard it but it’s genius to use it this subtly
  8. I’d love to see her achieve some success with all of this. Some decent sales. The music is so good.
  9. Agnes is just really one of those artists who has that star quality.
    Its undervalued, underhyped but NEVER underwhelming.

    If she is continuing with the vibe of 24 Hours for the rest of the album we are certainly in for a treat.
  10. W2K


    24 Hours is insanely good, as are Fingers Crossed and I Trance. Give us the album queen!
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  11. The way she's snapping on every song? No choice but to continue stanning.
  12. Woke up singing:

    Cause I may be bad
    but I’m perfectly good at it
    Twenty four hours ago
  13. K94


    Everything she's released in the past two years has been a 10 - who is doing it like her??
  14. Sam


    Same and I'm gonna need that mashup sssstat
  15. Literally discovered this song by chance on Friday and I am obsessed. What an absolute monster stomp of a bop. The Grace Jones esque visual just tops everything off.

    I remember Release Me fondly, but discovering this and then the EP/recent singles off of the back of it... a chefs kiss moment.
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  16. 24 Hours is sublime. I’m gobsmacked at how good it is.
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  17. It's the
    "24 hhhours" pronunciation

    It's the
    "that was the last time, the laaast time I'll ever be yooours"

    It's just everything. The album cannot come soon enough.
  18. I'm obsessed with how the new MØ is such a sister song to 24 Hours.

  19. 24 Hours is... wow. I hope she has more to come of that calibre (Fingers Crossed immediately preceding it would suggest she does).

    Where do I start with her discography, only really knowing Release Me? I've of course added her recent EP & singles into rotation.
  20. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'd say Love Dance Pop and onwards. (And if you have her EP I guess that just leaves Veritas?)
    And don't miss out on this orphan single:
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