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Agnes - Magic Still Exists

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Kyle., Aug 20, 2020.

  1. Ru has generally had pretty great taste in music. Used to love seeing Ru upload screenshots of workout playlists and there were voice memos of God Warrior etc. scattered throughout. What a moment to be in the middle of a cardio session and hear “THAT’S NOT CHRISTIAN!!!”
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  2. Just saw this in recommendations and officially bald! What a tune!
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  3. What do we love to see? This.

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  4. I need the two songs from Dancing Queens to be released pronto.
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  5. Not this appearing on my Spotify home feed as a new Agnes release, and 10 seconds in me actually thinking it could be a new Agnes release. Bop.

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  6. She’s finishing up the album. Title maybe “Magic Still Exists”?

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  7. Finally! Some track titles I can make out are Here Comes the Night (this is likely the next single), Spiritual Awakening and the title track. 24 Hours and Fingers Crossed seem to be on there too and it looks like the two songs from Dancing Queens aren't on it thankfully.
  8. The album I’m anticipating the most. I hope it comes this year.
  9. I can also make out (I think) Selfmade, Love & Appreciation and Set Free Your Mind. Looks to be 12 tracks, so at least 10 new ones.

    As for Dancing Queens, I didn’t think either track was matching up to anything shes dropped lately but I’ll take all I can get. Agnes came out of nowhere as my 2021 MVP, I’m so excited for this record.
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  10. 24 hrs is my favourite song of 2021 and Agnes should be the biggest star in the universe judging from her output of the last 2 years
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  11. Come on, Agnes! We need this beauty!
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  12. 24 Hours has got me realising that I don’t pronounce my H’s in hours after hearing the H quite prominently from Agnes and now I keep saying Hours with the H and it’s so strange
  13. Magic Still Exists is a wonderful album title, and I love all these song titles too. She really has been it for me in music the past 2 years. I really hope this album is coming sooner rather than later.
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  14. The minute this gets released, it'll be AOTY.

    Also - tour please!!!!
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  15. yes , her Acoustic Live version of 24hrs on her IG just left me a shivering wreck
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  16. So we are finally eyeing an album... it feels like heaven! Magic Still Exists feels so fitting for this record. 24 Hours is the living example of magic in music still existing so.
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  17. I don't know who this is, but I couldn't ignore a thread entitled "General BOPPINESS Discussion". That 24 Hours song is a bop though.
  18. Please educate yourself on Godness! You'll love Limelight, Fingers Crossed and the iconic slay of the Veritas album if you bopped to 24 Hours. And if you don't, you're not gay.
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  19. I hadn't noticed that she pronounced the H. It's kind of ruined it for me now. Well, not ruined it. But lessened it.
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  20. Album drops October 22nd. Confirmed in her podcast appearance here.

    TL;DR from her appearance:
    -The next single comes October 1st and the album comes October 22nd.
    -She says the album is inspired by her time away and personal growth, but also wanted to make an album that felt powerful and full of energy and is ‘spiritual disco’.
    -The album is 8 tracks with interludes.
    -The interlude “Spiritual Awakening” opens the record.
    -She’s combining orchestral instruments with disco and electronic beats.
    -The album is entirely disco apart from the last song.
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